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[conf] Bringing Youth Voices to Breakthrough Learning Forum 


Next week, Global Kids will be leading a team of youth leaders to a landmark event in the world of digital learning. The event, titled Breakthrough Learning in a Digital Age, is being organized by the Cooney Center at Sesame Workshop, Common Sense Media and Google and will be held at the GooglePlex on October 27th and 28th. It's aimed at bringing attention to new forms of learning facilitated by technology, and will be attended by policymakers, industry leaders, education practitioners and researchers, and, of course, by digital youth. The youth team will consist of kids from Global Kids, the Bay Area Video Coalition and MOUSE, and will aim to bring in a youth voice to the forum in a variety of ways. We're really excited that the organizers put a priority on making sure actual teens were a part of this important conversation, as so often they aren't.

[mm] The Media Masters Digital Literacy Transcript 

We realized that while we'd posted student Digital Portfolios from Media Masters, we'd yet to share the associated Digital Literacy Transcripts that we used to track student progress during the program. Check out the full transcript below, click here for a blank transcript, and here for a sample transcript from a student that completed the program.

Full Digital Transcript from Media Masters

Project New Media Literacies is hiring 

Our friends and partners in crime for the Media Masters program, Project New Media Literacies, are hiring for a new project called the Educator's House, a professional development program for teachers of Rio de Janiero, Brazil. This international project joins the NML team with The Alchemists and Rio de Janiero's Department of Education to implement a new paradigm for teaching that fully integrates the new media literacies across curricula.

Very exciting!

Read more about the open positions on the NML Blog.

[mm] Media Masters Student Portfolios 

In our pilot year of Media Masters, students worked on various media projects dealing with global issues and new media literacies, and at the end of the year compiled and contextualized this work into Digital Portfolios, to be used for college applications, job searching and school credit. I'm thrilled to share the portfolios from the program below, and to see all of them, just click the links at the bottom of the post.

Amana's Digital Portfolio:

On Saturday, June 27, 2009, over 100 New York City-area youth gathered at The New School to showcase their use of digital media and technology at (o.o), the first NYC Digital Youth Media and Technology Festival. While the youth enjoyed a game design competition, a project fair, a college and career readiness fair, and more, there was a constant backdrop of participatory voice through the use of Text The Mob, an application to capture the moment-by-moment thoughts, feelings, and energy of the crowd. To help you gain a better sense of what happened at this festival, here are the texts:

Arrive, mingle, get lunch!
Hi, everybody!
Welcome to (o.o)!!! 11:38:23
Let’s get this thing started! Barry Rocks!
where's access?
very excited to be here. Thx Barry
Hi, everybody!

Opening remarks
CONGRATS TO PARSONS/MOUSE for this Great Event!!!!

[mm/teen] Human Rights Map 

Hi, my name is Viveca and I am blogging about my Human Rights Map. This project is about events around the world that violated the rights of humans. I did mine on the Genocide in Rwanda, a tragic event that took place in 1994 during April.

I used three types of media: a photo, a video, and an article. I used the photo to show my audience the pain and aftermath of the genocide. I used the video in order to show people what the Rwandans went through during that blood-soaked month and I also used the article to give readers some text on the events that occurred that month. I chose this topic because I knew a lot about the genocide and I felt as though I should do a map about it.

While doing this project, I was able to get some more info about the genocide and why it happened in the first place. This project sort of made me sad at first because of all the tragedy and agony that surrounded this horrific event.

[mm/teen] Wikipedia Page 

Hi guys! I am doing a blog about the Prospect Heights Campus Wikipedia Page. Basically, the whole Media Masters club took pieces of the school's information such as its racial make-up, its historic background, the schools inside of Prospect Heights, and other bits of information in order to make a page about the school on Wikipedia. We were split up into partners so that we could work on gathering the information in the different categories. Me and my partner Krystal were working on getting info about the racial breakdown of each of the schools inside PH. I really liked doing this project because it allowed me to learn more about the school I'm currently attending. This project also allowed me the chance of helping contribute to the creation of our personal website and I was very happy to be a part of it. laughing.gif

[press] new Threshold focuses on Participatory Media; includes Global Kids 

Cable in the Classroom has released the latest issue of Threshold Magazine. It goes out to 40,000 schools. This issue was coordinated by our partners at the M.I.T.s Project New Media Literacy. Global Kids was involved in three of the articles, each available for free as a pdf download here.

The first one, Henry Jenkin's "'Geeking Out' on Democracy," states the following:

Global Kids, a New York after-school organization, has been using Second Life to bring together youth leaders from around the world in a virtual playground where they can imagine and stage solutions to real-world problems. Global Kids used machinima-a technique to create realtime digital animation-to document the story of a child soldier in Uganda and circulate it via YouTube and other platforms to call attention to the plight of youth in the developing world.

Much like the HP [Harry Potter] Alliance, Global Kids is modeling ways we can bridge the gap between participatory culture and participatory democracy.

The second is an article co-written by GK's own Rafi Santo, descibing a day in the life of our innovative Media Master's program: "Mastering New Media."

[mm/teen] From 52 to 48 

52 to 48 was the best project that I had to do. The best thing is that my picture had to be online so other people could see it... people from around the world. I like the fact that other people had to come sharing their work online, sharing their feelings about what they think about the election. Everybody came up with a way to show their feelings, some people had babies, people kissing, fathers and sons. The amazing thing thing is that everybody should a strong feeling about the election, everybody states that 52+ 48=100.

[mm/teen] My radio Rookies piece 

Hey!! So last year I produced a radio documentary on what I love the most..chicken!! But its more than just me talking about my love for chicken. I drove into the investigative journalism world and tried to uncover the origins of the stereotype surrounding African-Americans and chicken. I dont want to tell you too much about what's said and what I found out because I want you to listen to it yourself but its worth the listen. Let me know what you think!! Thanks!!