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[mm/teen] Serious Games 

The game that I played was Hurricane Katrina Tempest In Crescent City. The different ways that the game represented information about the issue was by showing a family that moved from New Orleans to New York and by showing images of houses, streets, water, people screaming for help. Things that make my game different from documentary, news article, photograph, radio story, or other form of media are that I'm the one who being effected from the hurricane, I'm the one who take action in the game to save people and my mother.

I used experimentation in order to figure out how to succeed in the game by reading instructions how to play the game and by failing one time then after I know how to succeed. I couldn't get to the next level so I die at the first time then I realize that you have to talk to people get information and don't let any material hit you.

The game's point of view was to illustrate how you could help people who have being affected by Hurricane katrina.

Things in general that make my game different from a documentary are that my game is experimentation its is a form of problem that they create and that you could solve the problem on your own.

[mm/teen] Serious Gaming 

I just played this game called Profit Seed. This game represents the controversy between farmers, GM and Monsanto for their genetically modified seeds that are infecting the farmers crops. The game represented information about the issue by discussing it on the different boards as well as using the game itself as an infomercial.

I used "play" in the game by learning the controls and figuring out the goal of the game in order to succeed. Once I figured out the goal, it was pretty easy to beat the game.

The game's point of view is that genetically modified seeds are wrong. In other words, what GM and Monsanto are doing is going against the balance of nature and that it shouldn't be continued.

Games are different from a news article because instead of just reading a piece of paper, you get to put yourself into the position of the person that situation is directed towards. You get to experience what they're going through rather than thinking about it.

[mm/teen] Got Game 

The game I is just played was McDonald's video game it represented big business and what types of things fast food companies would do to keep their company running. The game showed how land was taken for native people and how workers weren't happy with the working conditions. what is often showed on tv is Mcdonald's is a company that helps the community and values their workers (which sometimes can be true but only when someone says something about). there was a lot of experimentation in this game in order to succeed, you have to keep your customers, worker and animal rights people happy all at the same time to make money. To succeed i had to fail here ad there to figure out how the game worked. what makes games different form documentary news articles photographs and other form of media is that its all in one it provides photographs , historical contacts, and a character view point.

[mm/teen] Representation, play and credibility 

Serious games, what a way to look at games differently! Who would have thought that games could be so interesting and could be that related to issues today.
I played a game called DARFUR IS DYING on one of the web sites ad wow that was something that I have never expected before. The game represented some people of African descent that had to carry water form one area to another to get water and carry it back so that they can help the village. The strange part was that there were police that would capture them and carry them to a camp where they could be raped and put to work non stop which is inhumane. The game represented this issue in different ways because it showed how a family would try to make a living of some sort and then every time to got close someone would come and try to take that away from them.

The game was different from a documentary , news article and others because it gave me a personal experience about the issues that was happening . It personally had a toll on the way I feel , the fact that I was the person that had the chance to save someone or the whole village life and I either help them succeed or I failed and that was the horrible part of the game, knowing that these things actually happen in real life.

[mm/teen] Representation, Play and Credibility 

Well hello again. Today I'm logging about play, representation and credablity as said in the heading.

Another project from Media Master, we were to choose one of five games to play and then blog about how this affected our thoughts on the main topic of the game.

I chose Darfur is Dying, which is a very depressing game about the issues people in Darfur go through daily. Four of my 'children' were taken by militia while forraging for water before I decided to call it quits.

In Darfur there is a lack of food and water and that affects the survival rate of the people there, not to mention that te government and the military seem to be currupt and ed upraping the girls before beating them as well as the boys to death.

To be honest I was caught when ever I tried to get water so I did not win at any aspect of this game but my experimetation with the characters led to me getting closer and closer to winning every time. This is because I decided to 'run' and 'hide' in the direction that the game said wa sclosest to the water.

I believe that the game was trying to give more of an impression of political uprest and a need for help not only politicall but economically and agriculturally as well.

[mm/teen] The Text Messaging 

This is about text messaging, text messaging is used all the time in the world people have received message, sent message a lot of time. Its an example of someone either successfully traveling across a diverse communities or respecting multiple perspectives by giving information to people that didn't know and sharing with others.

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Negotiation is an important skill because it help you get great deals. Negotiation involves in creative thinking, it helps you achieve different goal. If you don't how to negotiate people might use you.

[mm/teen] Bitstrips 

Okay today we created comic strips on the norms{unwritten and written rules}that we do or know of. Mine was about the way we act at work and at home. Im not quite finish but its a good start. My character is professional at work where she is hassled all day. Then when she goes home she's able to do want she wants.biggrin.gif

Hope you guys like it...I'll put the finish one later.

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[mm/teen] My Negotiation Blog 


I'm back and today I'm blogging about the project we did for negotiation.

We had to make our own comic about norms in today's society at Bitstrips,com. The link to mine is below! feel free to leave a comment..

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You see in England as well as most European countries its the norm to leave your shoes on when you go into a house.

It gives the impression that you are uncivilized. if you don't.

Negotiation is an important skill to have because it helps you become more aware of how to act without offending people and breaking norms in society.

To act without being aware of what norms you are breaking is bad as you never know what kind of trouble you can get in for ignoring the norms of the people around you.

[mm/teen] Bitstrips comic 

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This is a comic that I made about cultural mis-steps. I made it about the etiquette in Japan. In this comic strip, I have a foreign person that is late to a business meeting and his boss is angry with him. In Japan, being late to work, school, and any other type of activity is considered very rude. So coming early is a daily norm for the Japanese people. In my opinion, negotiation is a very important skill because when it comes to negotiating, you can work out compromises or bargains with others.
People should spend time getting better at negotiation because a lot of the situations that turn violent in today's society could be solved with that skill alone. It benefits both sides of the problem. If we don't get better at negotiation, then there will be a lot more problems that will end badly for society. Learning to get better at negotiation will help improve our adaptation to different cultures and norms.

[mm/teen] Date Gone Wrong Faux Pas 

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It was a little hard at first to think of a common faux pas but I decided to go with a faux pas the happens on dates. In my comic a couple (we'll call them Kenny and Nicole) on their first date is having a nice meal and getting to know each other, the date is going well and their really hitting it off until Nicole licks her plate!! A big "no no" when dining out...I'm guilty of subconsciously enjoying a meal to the point where I may lick the plate, but that only happens in the privacy of my room, that doesn't make it better or less disgusting but it's completely different to do something like that in public!! Licking the plate while on a date at a restaurant is a complete turn off!!