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[mm/teen] My Movie 

Hello Again
Today I'm blogging to tell you about my movie, hence the title "My Movie."
The actual title of my movie is "The 1763" Rebellion based of the actual tale of a former slave leading a rebellion in Guyana.

Cuffy, or Kofi (died in 1763), was an Akan person who was captured in his native West Africa and sold into slavery to work in the plantations of the Dutch colony of Berbice in present-day Guyana. He became famous because in 1763 he led a revolt of more than 2,500 slaves against the colony regime. When he lost Cuffy killed himself.

The anniversary of the Cuffy slave rebellion, February 23, has been Republic Day in Guyana since 1970. Cuffy is commemorated in the 1763 Monument in the Square of the Revolution in the capital Georgetown.

The monument, coincidentally, is the picture I used a my movie background.

[mm] Student appropriation projects 

Stay tuned to the Media Masters section on the blog these coming weeks to see some small projects that the students have been working on. As part of our series of lessons on appropriation, the teens in the program have been asked to select a political figure, past or present, to base a concept for a movie on. Once they figure out their figure and concept, each of them creates a movie poster for the movie using the BigHugeLabs poster creator, and posts the poster and movie description here on the blog. Looking forward to sharing some of their work with you!

OLP's 2008 Year End Review 

GK 2008 year in review
The year 2008 was a remarkable period for the Online Leadership Program at Global Kids. It is challenging to even pick just a few standouts: An AIDS orphan in Ugandan exchanges text messages from her cell phone with a dozen teenagers in Teen Second Life; high school students conceive and produce a web-based game about local heroes during Hurricane Katrina; youth produce a seven-minute long animated movie about racism as an obstacle to education around the world; a high school class in Brooklyn uses a virtual world to learn about and create their own simulations about science; hundreds of young people across four virtual worlds watch Kofi Annan receive a major human rights award; incarcerated teens use a virtual world to learn how to create positive change in their real community; youth in Chicago and New York City collaborate online with paleotologists on a fossil dig in Tanzania; nearly 1,500 educators share knowledge and advice on how to use virtual worlds for education.

[mm] Tackling Intellectual Property in an afterschool setting 

For the past couple of weeks in Media Masters, we've been spending time on the idea of appropriation, defined in NML's white paper as the ability to meaningfully sample and remix media content. Before we delved into what appropriation means in a global issue context and having the students utilize this skill through their own media creation, we decided that it would be relevant to learn and talk about the concepts and practices around Intellectual Property, Fair Use, and Creative Commons. As the program is all about having teens become producers of media, it's important that they understand not only what the concept of IP is and when it's ok to use other people's work in their own media creations, but also to understand how to be empowered to make decisions about how other people use their creative works.

We look forward to sharing on this blog some of their thoughts on the subject and their own media appropriation projects, but I thought in the meantime I might post some skits they did about various concepts regarding Creative Commons. Enjoy!

[mm] GK's Media Masters send love from 52 to 48, and from 48 to 52 

In a recent project in Media Masters, teen in the program created messages of reconciliation and solidarity for a project called from52to48withlove. Zefrank, the wonderful web artist that created the project (and longtime friend of GK) posted the photo messages that the teens created, and posted them on the project site.

Check them out here! (and thanks Ze!)

[mm/teen] From 48 to 52 


Its me once again to talk about another one of my projects for Media Masters.

When we first did the "From 48 to 52" project I was really confused as to what it meant.

We started out by looking at a site that showed people who supported the idea of combining those who voted for President Elect Barack Obama and Senator John McCain for the betterment of America, or at least that was my interpretation of what was going on. is actually the site if you wish to visit it.

For the project we had to make our own signs to add to the site though the words came out backwards.

I chose that phrase as it was the first one that popped into my head that suited my needs so i just changed it a bit.

It was rather fun to do though.


[mm/teen] From 52 to 48 With Love, Media Masters 

Hello everybody.

This project was so interesting for me, why, because at the beginning I didn't know what "From 52 to 48 With Love" meant, I was so confused about this. After we took a look at some of the photos people took, then I really understood what it really meant. There were so many different pictures. I was so impressed with the work other people did, they were so creative. Our project was to create something similar, and I thought that there was nothing left for us, after we saw those pictures. But I tried my best; I tried to come with something simple. It was a great idea for us to make this kind of stuff. I really learn a lot from this project, but most importantly about the past presidential election. Check it out!!


[mm/teen] this my second blog!! Yay!! 

This is my second blog...

I felt excited to know that what I was creating was going to be put in a public online space. It made me think that there was going to be more activities like this further on in the future during this project. I think that it is important to work with people that think differently from me because I can get someone else's opinion from the other side of the playing field. You can get a better understanding of why they feel the way they feel about a certain topic. Posting your thoughts online is a valid form of reaching to people from the other side.

[mm/teen] from 52 to 48 with love 

It's me again, Shakera. Shakera here lol, right now I feel the need to talk about my experience with the whole from 52 to 48 with love. I have never heard of this site before because I didn't think that people would be patriotic enough to start a website showing support to both parties in which they supported. In the days latter days before the election I saw some videos about some McCain supporters and the had the worst things to say about Obama, I didn't think that it was fair but I figured that there would be feuding all over the country because of racism, sexism etc. When I stumbled across this site I really didn't think that Obama and McCain supporters would get along but evidently they did.

It was nice to see how everyone was supporting each and thinking of better ways to make this country one . I was actually super excited about that part in particular. I was kinda second guessing myself about making a post because of the fact that I didn't even vote but at the same time, I thought that it would be kool to show my support for President elect Obama and also allow the McCain supporters to know that the love is still there.

[mm/teen] This Is My First Blog Post 

Hey my name is Shonell Richmond and I am a part of Media Masters, a program in my school by GLOBAL KIDS and its cool. smile.gif We get to blog about our experiences .

In the picture above I drew a map of Africa or something like Africa lol but it was loads of fun doing it . When I drew the map and considered how it was laid out, like what map I was going to use was simple. I used the map of Africa because of its space and countries that it has that represents the things that I like to do and it represents my background of where my ancestors came from.

Expressing my digital life in the form of a digital map is better than putting it down on a piece of paper or filing out an online profile because I get to express myself and be more excited about what I did in the map. I get to share with everyone what I like to do and what is important and fun to me.