Digital Expressions

my picture on From52to48withLove 


This is my picture from 52 to 48 with love. I know that this will be shared with tons of people. But I like that because everybody will know about my ideas and will know how I feel about the election. Also I want people to share their ideas with me. It was good to make something everybody will read and have opinions.

It is important to work with people that think differently because you both share your ideas and you gain ideas from also you'll know more about the topic the other person is telling you.

I like to share my thoughts with other people because I want them to know about my ideals. Also people with get something that may help them in the future.


Hi my name is Mo. I'm 17 years old. Digital%20Life%20Map%20-%20Monel.jpg

I wanted my map to look nice because I use a lot of websites on the internet. I get online every weekdays. I used colors and I made the websites that I use everyday bigger than the ones I use often. The map that I made expressed how many times I use the internet. When I make a list people don't really pay much attention to it, it expresses less feelings about websites. Yes, it made me think that technology is extremely amazing, it's fun and it makes me realize that the world would be a different place without technology.

[mm/teen] My Media Map :) 

Hi my name is Shonette and I am part of a group that is part of Global Kids called Media Masters.

Well the other day we, the people in my group, made some maps to explain what media meant to us.

I drew a map of South America in the middle to represent my home continent. In the small green thing below, THE SEA OF MUSIC, is Fanfic which is short for Fanfiction as in

This is very important to me as I often write stories there to and post for the world to see.

Next to that is Quizzila, a site for qiuzzes that I am also a part of.

Yahoo because I am a part of yahoo mail and often use Yahoo as my search engine.

Xanga, face book and Live Journal (LJ) aren't that important but I use them all as a means to stay in contact with my friends and penpals.

The same can be said about Myspace and Hi5. Hi5 was placed where it was because it represents how close it is to me since it was placed near my home country.

Stories and art are important to me since they go hand in hand with fanfic and hi5 and such.

School on the other hand, while important to me was never placed in the same view as media.

[mm/teen] Love from 52 to 48 

mellow.gif I read the pictures that other people created on the from 52 to 48 website. I love one of them very much, a girl and a boy are kissing. One is blue and the other is red. I love that idea very much and the other pictures are also very creative. I didn't know what the numbers 52 and 48 meant. I thought it may be some kind of law of something else. And I hear that is about the election, I thought that is a very creative idea to express your voice to another side. Even I am not a United States citizen, but I also love this country like any citizen in this country. I also live in this country. We all live in the same country, for me it doesn't matter who won the election. I only want a president that can lead us to a better life. I want to tell the red and blue that we are together. My idea is very similar to other people's. But we have the purpose, we want to be united and bounding to each other.

[mm/teen] my first blog 

Hey there my name is Neville, I'm from Brooklyn New York and I just joined Media Masters last week. In last week's activity, we played a game (icebreaker) called "what are you doing". The game involved us going around asking other people what are you doing then you have to do what the person said what they were doing.

Then after the game we wrote what Obama's victory meant to us. From there we viewed the website from 52 to 42. I was very shocked to see other Americans reaching out to each other. I have always viewed America as a place where it's every man for himself. But to see a son who voted for Obama telling his father that he still loved him even though the father voted for McCain. Then on top of that everyone who uploaded something looked like they put a lot of effort into it without even trying. When they told us that we were going to be making our own I was like WOW. I didn't have a idea what to make, I felt really lost like a kid in candy store. So I ended up looking at other people's work to get a idea of what to do. I saw a picture of a donkey and a elephant then it hit me.

Check it:

[mm/teen] new blog, map of digital life 

This is my digital map, and i use New York City train map for base map, because I see this map every day.

However, I live in The Bronx, and study in Brooklyn. So this map shows D train line I take from my home to my school; thus, I use orange for the train line and marked some of important stops and renamed them for websites and software I use most often online. For example, MSN, YAHOO Messenger, and QQ, is the first software to pop out. And I will check Facebook, and lastly, Google, and are two websites where I do research.

[mm/teen] my first blog 

Hello everyone my name is Mark, I am from Russia. I am in media masters for 2 days and I have done map picture and picture 48+52. My decision when I made the map was not hard. I thought of doing something simple and to make all my word to fit in paper and to make then visible. biggrin.gif I have put the things that I do with in my computer and few of that I do outside of computer. Making the digital map is different from filing out on online profile because making map is creative its attracting people but the profile is boring and people get bored when they read to much. Digital life alter the way I thing about using technology and digital media because when I made this map I saw that I got msn and games bigger then the rest I realize that I am spending too much time on them and I should do everything equal and have time for other things then just siting and spending my time for nothing when I chat with people about some stuff I forget next day.

Here's my map:

[mm/teen] My first blog showing my digital life 

Hey wats up everybody , my name is shakera and this is my very first blog. Am I excited? Yes indeed! Well today I'm writing about my digital life. What's that? It's basically a self made map telling what I like and how my media intelligence is dispersed around cyberspace. In the process of making my map I thought of where I spend most of my time and also where I spend least of my time. The blueprint was based on the sites I visit on day to day basis and the others are just random things I do online and sites where I'm just a member.

Expressing my digital life in the form of a digital map is very different from making a list or filling out an online profile because that's where my personality comes out and I cold really show who I am in a very modern way. While I was making this digital map my views about technology and digital media were changed a bit because I always thought that technology was always complex and hard to understand, but after I finished with my map I kinda had a second view about media and technology and I see it as a more easy, cool way to express my opinions. To add to that, I also saw what kind of person I am by just looking at the size of different sites I made and how much time I spend

[mm/teen] Media Masters and 52to48 

Hey my name is Amana. Last week in Media Masters was my first week and I'm hooked. We looked at this really cool website:

It was really cool, this website is a bunch of photos that people put up, basically saying that though the recent election pretty much tore the United States in two, now that it's over something had to be done in order to bring us back together. People from all over wrote letters or made signs in the hopes of reconciling with the other half. I was shocked to see so many people reaching out and taking time out of their lives to speak to the other half. 52 (Obama supports) were reaching out to 48 (Mccain supports) and the same the other way, no one was bitter or upset, everyone was hopeful and supportive. I was excited to know that i was going to get a chance to post a photo of my own. I decided to go with "We'll be the United States, No Matter Who Won" and I'm proud that i took part in this. I'm looking forward to the other projects we'll be doing in Media Masters.

[mm/teen] this is my first blog!! 

Hi my name is Viveca and this is my first blog...

At first, when I made my digital map, I had to consider the numerous social networks that I had accounts on. I also had to consider how I was gonna create the map such as the shape, the color, and the size of he map. In the end, I decided to make a digital map in the shape of a globe, but with a twist. I created the map using all of my social networks and a few commonly used websites and turned them into geographical features. It's different from making a list or filling out an online profile because it's not just a piece of paper with words, it's a completely different way of showing what websites you use in your daily life. This map made me think about other websites that are more popular than MySpace or FaceBook. It made me think about how I use technology and what I use it for rather than why I use it.