Digital Expressions

[mm/teen] My first blog: Digital Map. 


This picture represent my digital life in my everyday life. I considered the way I did my digital map the best way of describing how I am I separates all my web pages in computer I do not like to have more than 2 pages open at the same time such as the maps nothing is connecting in my maps how you can see.
Expressing my digital life in the form of a map better than making a list or filling out and online profile because doing a map is not something that we do everyday so I think is a very creative way of showing what you do everyday in your computer.
Making a map of my digital life alter the way I think because now I see that I got to stop going to myspace for a while I been there for hours everyday you can see it in my map OMG I think I been over use it also I alter the way I think about internet because I see that I been close to other web pages and I am going to start watching more pages.

[mm/teen] My First Blog Post, Map of Digital Life 

Hello everybody.

My name is Sebastian Solis and this is my first blog. For the first class we had I created a project called Digital Life Map. It represents what are some of the things I experience with almost everyday. I think that there are many social networking sites were you can share ideas with other. Why don't we use them to make a difference? Some of the social networking sites I use are, my space, hi 5, facebook, hotmail, yahoo, itunes, etc. It means we are connected; I like to stay connected with my family and friends. It doesn’t really look like a map, but what I wanted to show is that they are all connected to my life, connected to the center, they are all necessary for me. It looks like the solar system and my life is like the sun. Check it out!!


[mm] Announcing the GK Media Masters Program! 

Media Masters Logo

I'm excited to announce to the blog-o-webs today the launch of GK's newest project, the Media Masters afterschool program! Media Masters, or M(2), is our first attempt at creating a face to face afterschool program that has students utilizing a wide range of participatory media and Web 2.0 tools (as opposed to focusing on one medium) to gain leadership and media literacy skills in the context of addressing global and local issues.

We're working with our incredible partners at MIT's Project New Media Literacies to take the activities that they've been developing in their Learning Library to promote new media literacy acquisition and adapt them to GK's style of global issue education in the afterschool setting.