New Orleans

With support from the Covenant Foundation, the New Orleans Jewish Day School launched its badging system in August 2010 within their fourth and fifth grade classes. Global Kids custom-designed their badging system and supported the use of it throughout their first year.

Joni Blinderman of the Covenant Foundation penned this piece for eJewish Philanthropy entitled, "Web 2.0: The Promise of our Children, and the Obligation of Philanthropy."

It describes both her philanthropic philosophy (take risks and test local) and describes, in broad strokes, Global Kids' work integrating a digital literacy transcript into this New Orleans Day School's curriculum. We hope to post a report shortly detailing that work. Until then, please check out this piece.

Media multi-tasking defines the world our children inhabit, and educators, philanthropists and communal leaders have the responsibility to guide and encourage integration of the most powerful digital tools with learning.

When they gather at the Jewish Futures Conference on Monday to explore dynamic visions of Jewish education, an emerging model will be within view. Just miles away at the New Orleans Jewish Day School, technological innovation and philanthropic vision are transforming an institution shut down after the devastating rage of Hurricane Katrina in 2005. (read more...)