[sl/teen] GK celebrating 1 year anniversary on Teen Second Life 

+++++ Anniversary Celebration+++++


February was GK's 1 year anniversary in TSL (woo-hoo!), and we want to celebrate it with you! Which means not only do we want you to help out, but we need you to pass the word and invite others to the grand celebration.

Some major highlight of the festival will include a birthday cake making contest, a live audio discussion on the history and future of the teen grid featuring Blue Linden and a secret SURPRISE visitor, a beautiful and giant photo montage displaying all of GK’s work in the past year, and last but not least, a live streaming of our annual Global Kids Youth Conference so all of you can SEE us in real world!

The New Media Consortium (NMC) from the main grid will be co-locating these events on their campus in the main grid, so they can listen in and participate in the events across grids with us!

For more photos, click on this link

Below is the list of events and schedule of the 1 year anniversary festival, see you there!

Starting from March 12 to March 23, 2007

[p4k] P4K Youth Leaders Pick the New Game Topic 

During last Friday's mini-conference, the teens learned all about the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and focused on health, racism/prejudice, children's rights, and education. After learning more about the issues, they decided on the general topic for the year, in a unanimous vote: racism/prejudice.

What might that look like as a game? Come back in a few months to find out! A few educational goals they might address, as developed by the teens, are:
- educate others to be tolerant and open minded
- teach others that racism still exists
- gang violence and how racism, specifically internalized racism, plays a role

[sl] Invitation to First Teen Second Life Conference 

Well, this was unexpected. Global Kids has been asked to present at what appears to be a teen-led conference in Second Life:

    --From The Inventory Of Cheesepuff Barnard--

    You have been invited to the first annual B.H.Q. Interactive Second Life conference as a speaker. Congratulations on being invited; Cheesepuff Barnard-founder of B.H.Q. Interactive and L.S.A. Studios-handpicks only the most interesting, ideal people to come speak at his conferences. It will be located in Scarborough SIM at 6:30 EST on December 23rd, 2006. All attendants receive the Barnard "Ultra" laptop computer and a Barnard 3D holographic projector, along with 5 free shows from BTV On Demand entertainment. Please IM Cheesepuff Barnard fore additional information. A landmark has also been sent to you with the conference area attached to it. Thank you for your time, and we here at L.S.A. and B.H.Q. hope to see you there!

    -L.S.A. Studios

    -B.H.Q. Interactive

    -Cheesepuff Barnard

    ©2006, All Rights Reserved

[SL] Global Kids Symposium 

Barry Joseph and Rafi Santo presented on lessons learned from Camp Global Kids to an eager crowd at the NMC Campus in the main grid of Second Life. The audio was produced through a conference call into the grid while participants responded and reacted through text chat.

Listen to the audio of the presentation below or download it here.

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[HMDS] MAcArthur Foundation $50m Announced Watched on Global Kids Island 

The following is the raw log from Global Kids Island in the teen grid, captured while the teens watched the live feed from NYC of the MacArthur Foundation's Digital Learning Press Conference. The log begins as I arrived, as the Foundation President Jonathan Fanton talked about the skills young people need.

The schedule for the event was the following:
9:30 - 10:00 Arrival for launch. Light snacks and drinks served
American Museum of Natural History, Powerhouse
Central Park West and 79th Street
10:15 - Launch event begins
10:20 -- Jonathon Fanton speech
10:35 - Panel Discussion: Mimi Ito, Henry Jenkins, Nichole Pinkard
11:20 -- Q&A - audience and Second Life

Click on the photos to read the captions and read the unedited log below. I apologize in advance for the lack of editing - what you will find, as in most SL logs, a high noise-to-signal ratio. But the signal is worth the search.

[SL] Global Kids Presents at Second Life Conference 

Our very own Lori Feldman/aka Lori Gkid presented today at the Second Life Conference in San Francisco. She did a great job sharing best practices from the summer camp. The day was organized by the amazing education program committee.

You can read her abstract here.

Below are some photos I took during her talk from the location in the main grid where the event was being simulcast.

[SL/P4K] Presenting at the Games For Change Conference 

Global Kids had a strong showing at the third annual Games For Change conference, an organization co-founded by Global Kids. Barry, Rafi, Afi, Lori and Zach were all there, as well as two students, Sanji and Theo.

On the first day we didn't step on the podium once but our work was touted on FOUR seperate occassion by other panelists. It was very flattering. At the end of the day, during the game expo, Theo and Sanji did a beautiful job showing off the Alpha of the P4K game and speaking to the press.

On the second day I presented on two panels, about our work in Second Life, the development of the P4K game, and about games and learning. Here is a photo from one of the panels:

[SL] Presenting at the Games, Learning & Society Conference 

We were honored to be invited to present our work in Second Life at the second annual Games, Learning & Society Conference, held June 15-16, 2006 in Madison, Wisconsin. It was a fantastic event, with many brilliant and warm people doing inspiring work from around the country.

Global Kids had the opportunity to present GK Island at a morning session alongside other educators using Second Life and then later in the day on a panel with educators working with teens to build games.

Below are some photos from the earlier session, taken by Intellagirl:

Um, okay, that last image is not from my presentation. I learned how to play Guitar Hero. Cool game! But what you can't see, under my headsets, is the wireless earpiece piping in the main presentation. Listening to amazing speakers on theories of games and learning WHILE mastering Guitar Hero? What could be a better conference than this?

[POD] 5. Awards Ceremony (video) 

Awards Ceremony (video). This podcast presents video from the Global Kids Annual Youth Conference's essay contest award ceremony as well as the simultaneous award ceremony within Second Life.

Click here to download.

If the above version does not work, please try:

Click here to download.

On March 23rd, 2006, Global Kids held a youth conference in New York City for over 600 teens and educators. At the conference, we held an awards ceremony to celebrate the winners of our nationwide Digital Media Essay Contest. As part of this ceremony, we featured winners who participated in the contest via an online virtual world called Second Life. At the conference, we had a screen displaying a live feed of teens who were joining us from within Second Life. Simultaneously, we set up a screen within Second Life, so the teens who were gathered there could watch a live broadcast of what was going on at our real world Global Kids conference.

This transcript begins as we were setting up and practicing before the start of the ceremony. The GK Leaders were standing on the stage in New York, practicing their script for the Awards Ceremony.


Jackson Widget: i see myslef on the screen

Kit Axon: lol... almost...

Tocharaeh Wake shouts: I LIKE MUFFINS!

Kit Axon: i missed it

Kit Axon: can we do it over>

Kit Axon: ?

Kit Axon: i just watched myself fall off the stage!

Kit Axon: ^.^

Jackson Widget: YAY

Jackson Widget: PREPARE

nik385 Doesburg: can i have the overrider PLEASE