Youth Perspective on Cooney Forum on Hollywood, Digital Media and Learning 

Janet is a high school students from New York City and a member of Global Kids, an after school program that supports urban youth to become global citizens, community leader and successful students. This week she represented Global Kids as a youth journalist and traveled to L.A. to the Joan Ganz Cooney Center’s “Learning From Hollywood” forum. Along with fellow GK leader Latavia, Janet live-tweeted the event and used a Flip camera to interview the attendees and speakers. Below are her reflections on her time at the Forum, followed by with her Tweet trail.

“These are the central questions the conference will focus on,” Barry told me, the Online Leadership Director at Global Kids who invited me on this trip. “Reword them based on how comfortable you feel asking them when you’re interviewing!” Barry handed me the sheet with the questions, created for all attending the invitation-only forum. Enthusiastically, I leaned in to read. I stared at the foreign words, trying to decipher the meaning. Although the questions were more complex than I was used to, I understood the basic meaning behind them. I reworded the questions on a simpler level without touching the meaning.

Global Kids at NYCMER 2011 

This past Monday, Global Kids organized a panel and presented at the New York City Museum Educators Roundtable’s (NYCMER) annual conference, which was held at the New York Hall of Science and Queens Museum of Art. Our session was called, “Parting the Cloud: Museum Educators and Youth in a 2.0 World”.

More museums are embracing the growing use of digital media with youth audiences, but are asking themselves what role digital media, museum educators, and youth programs have in an age where teenagers are more technologically savvy. In our discussion, Global Kids drew from our experience working with museums to discuss how digital media is changing the role of museum educators and youth programs, and how it can empower youth to pursue interest-driven learning and to build 21st century learning skills.

Student Reflections from the National Service-Learning Conference 


Sapora’s Reflection:
“I must say that the Atlanta experience was truly, an experience. To be able to go into a new environment and go through the adventure of doing my first facilitation while being able to see my dream college first hand was truly amazing. Not to mention the fact that I was able to do so along with three other very driven and beautiful people. I took a lot from this trip and am truly grateful and happy to have been a part of such a wonderful ride.”

Jessy Jo’s Reflection:
“Global Kids provided me an opportunity I would not have access to otherwise. Traveling to Atlanta and staying in a fancy hotel is something I never imagined I would be able to experience. Besides all that, the conference really gave me a strong viewpoint on where I stand in Global Kids, in regards to my own facilitation and social skills. Hearing people come up to me to let me know that our workshop was the best they experienced the whole conference was a proud and heartwarming experience."

Above are our students' reflections from the four days they spent in Atlanta, Georgia at the National Service-Learning Conference. The conference is the largest gathering of educators and youth who are interested in service-learning.

Register for the 8th annual Games for Change Festival! 

g4clogo.jpg Global Kids was a founder of Games For Change and is excited, as always, to promote it's premiere event, the annual Games For Change Festival

Games for Change is the leading global advocate for supporting and making games for social impact. The annual Games for Change Festival is the largest gaming event in New York City and the only international event united “games for change” creators, the public, civil society, academia, the gaming industry and media.

Attendees of the Festival can enjoy over 30+ hours of keynotes, presentations, panels and more. In addition to various live play sessions, this year’s event will feature a “Game Arcade”, highlighting the nominees for this year’s Games for Change Awards. And while the focus is on games, the Festival is the perfect place to network with decision-makers from the government and NGOs, innovative game designers and publishers, visionary thought leaders in education and global development and members of the media.

Register by April 15th and save 30%

National Service-Learning Conference  


Global Kids will be at the 22nd Annual National Service-Learning Conference, which is the largest gathering of people interested in service-learning. Service-learning educates youth and adults alike through meaningful community action projects that can provide unique and rich learning experiences for teaching life-long civic responsibility and engagement.

This is a conference for both youth and adults, and I will be traveling with a colleague and two Global Kids student leaders. She and I will be co-facilitating workshops with our students, which will give them a chance to take on significant leadership roles. Our workshops are called “Using Social Media for Social Change” and “Infusing Global Citizenship through Service Learning”. We will also be conducting a focus group with teachers and students about how digital media can be best used to enhance service-learning projects.

Video available of Barry presenting at Second Life educators conference 

Barry Joseph's presentation at the Virtual Worlds - Best Practices in Education conference this March.

Eulogizing Teen Second Life over the open casket of his Teen Grid Avatar, GlobalKids Bixby will share his deep grief over the loss of Teen Second Life. Meanwhile, a surprise guest will celebrate the end of Linden Lab’s “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell Policy” for teens and herald the new age of mixed-grid education in Second Life.

Global Kids and the Noguchi Museum staff discuss digital media, open end projects and choice making at the February, 2011 Face to Face Conference on the topic "Who Decides? Students and Choicemaking". A group of educators watch the student's work and ask some questions.

First, watch the video produced by the youth:

Now, watch the presentation ABOUT the video...

Below is the rough script from Barry Joseph's presentation at the Virtual Worlds - Best Practices in Education conference.

(click below to watch the video as you read)

The set up was GlobalKids Bixby, in a bee costume, standing in front of an open casket, within which lay the teen grid avatar of Barry Gkid.

Barry Joseph Speaks Live in Second Life: RIP Teen Grid 

As part of the Virtual Worlds - Best Practices in Education conference currently underway in SL, RezEd's own Barry Joseph will be speaking TODAY, March 18th, at 11am SL time (2pm Eastern) at their Central Auditorium.

The topic: A Funeral For Teen Second Life: A Presentation From Beyond the Grave on the Future of Mixed-Age Education in Second Life.

Eulogizing Teen Second Life over the open casket of his Teen Grid Avatar, GlobalKids Bixby will share his deep grief over the loss of Teen Second Life. Meanwhile, a surprise guest will celebrate the end of Linden Lab’s “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell Policy” for teens and herald the new age of mixed-grid education in Second Life.

The archive of the video, as well as photos, can be seen here. And please feel free to read the text of the full presentation.

Global Kids at the 2011 Digital Media and Learning Conference 

Global Kids is thrilled to be returning to the second annual Digital Media and Learning Conference, this year in Long Beach, CA. As the conference progresses, you will be able to find photos, videos, and perhaps audio here as well.

This year Global Kids will be represented by Barry Joseph (@barryjoseph) and Daria Ng (@wocildocil):

After a 1.5 day MacArthur grantee meeting, timed to coincide with the conference, the event gets under way this Thursday through Saturday.

Barry and Henry Jenkins facilitated this working group on Youth and Popular Culture at the grantee meeting

On Friday you can find us facilitating and presenting, from 3pm-4:30pm, Session VI, the panel Emerging Platforms in Education. Essentially this is a catch-all for a group of fascinating short presentations. For example the panelists will address such questions as: