Global Kids at Games for Change 2010 

This week has been all a-Buzz with the 7th annual Games for Change festival (G4C) and Global Kids has been in the midst of things presenting, interviewing and covering some of the great content at this year's G4C.

Below is a recap of some of Global Kids' G4C highlights:




This week is the 7th annual Games for Change (G4C) Festival and Global Kids has been busy with speaking at the conference, along with bringing youth to present and conduct interviews of speakers and attendees.

One of the panels Barry Joseph led for G4C brought together some of the amazing partners and people that have been part of Global Kids' Playing for Keep (P4K) program.

You can watch a video of the panel below or directly on YouTube - enjoy!

Below are the photos, taken by Christopher Duggan and shared here with his permission, from the Global Kids' "Spreading Serious Game Design" Panel at Games For Change, May 24th, 2010.

The Full Panel

This is a "Tweet Tour," a collaborative overview if you will, of The Power of Design: Youth Making Social Issue Games, which was held the Monday of Games For Change.

I went back through the tweet record, grabbed the ones that popped out to me, and organized them by panel. I did not include all, nor ensure that all speakers were represented - I didn't have that kind of time. Still, I think it is interesting and hopes it proves of use.

Oh, and I created it to be shown during the Wed afternoon panel summarizing to Festival attendees (most of whom were not there Monday) what they missed.

US Institute of Peace Conference on Media & Peacebuilding on May 12 

Our friends at the US Institute of Peace tell us that they are holding an all-day conference on "Seizing the Moment: Media & Peacebuilding" this Wednesday, May 12, at the Newseum in Washington DC. It looks like a fantastic event, which will consider "specific recommendations on ways to harness the power of media for conflict prevention." The summit will bring together senior media and policy folks, to talk about how communications technology can prevent and reduce conflict in the world.

For those that can not make it to DC, it will be webcast live. So tune in starting at 9am EST. See the USIP website for the full schedule.

Global Kids at the 7th Annual Games for Change Festival May 24-27 

From May 24 - 27 is the seventh annual Games for Change Festival happening at Parsons, The New School for Design in New York City (and partly at NYU.) This is THE gathering for gamemakers, nonprofits, educators and academics interested in serious games, games-based learning and educational gaming. And Global Kids is going to be present in a few different capacities.

On May 24, at 2:45pm, Global Kids will be organizing a panel on "Spreading Serious Game Design: Global Kids' Playing For Keeps Capacity Building Program" about our ground-breaking serious game design program Playing for Keeps.

Then on May 25th, several Global Kids teen leaders will be on-hand to conduct a series of video interviews with gamemakers as part of the new Playing for Keeps Online Curriculum. (If you are interested in being interviewed at G4C, contact

Finally on May 26, at 4:30pm, OLP Director Barry Joseph will be speaking on "Power of Design - Youth Created Games" Panel.

There are many more fantastic sessions, speakers, demos and networking that happens during the festival. It's not too late to register online.

Videos from Roundtable on Virtual Worlds & Nonprofits 

On April 12, we had a fantastic Winter 2010 Roundtable on Virtual Worlds and Nonprofits on MacArthur Island in Second Life. Representatives of five nonprofit organizations gave brief presentations on their initial explorations of Second Life and other virtual worlds, and how they are thinking of integrating these virtual tools into their organizations' respective missions.

We've made available videos of the presentations, which you can see at these links

  • Health Consumers Alliance of South Australia
  • United Black Fund of Greater Cleveland, Inc
  • Illinois Caucus for Adolescent Health
  • V.O.I.C.E. Community Development Corp

    Each of these organizations completed the Global Kids' Virtual World Capacity Building Program, a four-week intensive exposure to virtual worlds for public good institutions.

  • Event: an Evening to Re-Imagine Learning in the 21st Century 

    Join us at 5:30 p.m., Monday, May 17, 2010, for a discussion, project demonstrations, and reception about the future of learning.

    This MacArthur Foundation public forum will take place in NYC and feature work by the New Youth City Learning Network, including Global Kids collaboration with the American Museum of Natural History.

    The New Youth City Learning Network is a collaboration of New York City institutions such as the New York Public Library, the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum, and New York Hall of Science working together to create a set of formal and informal learning opportunities that begin with personal interests, connect via digital media, and lead to educational outcomes.

    If you are interested in learning more about this emerging space that Global Kids has increasingly been supporting and gaining inspiration from - how digital media is changing learning - or just want to support Global Kids youth leaders who will be there to show their work.

    To view more details and to RSVP click here and join us! It's free and, as always, it promises to be stimulating.

    Rik on Youth Learning Networks at the 2010 WebWise Conference 

    Rik at webwise The organizers of the excellent Webwise conference that I attended last month in Denver have recently posted to the web videos from the event.  

    While there, I spoke on a panel on "Creating Connections and Promoting Networks" focused on the challenges and opportunities of using new media to transform user experience and provide a network of learning opportunities for young people.

    I was joined on the panel by Elizabeth Babcock of the Field Museum,
    Ingrid Erickson of SSRC and
    Kylie Peppler of Indiana University.

    We are happy to announce that Barry Joseph, director of the Online Leadership Program at Global Kids, will be appearing on the Metanomics talk show in Second Life this Wednesday, April 7 starting at 3pm EST.

    Barry will be appearing along with Marc Weiss, co-producer of the HBO documentary ‘Meeting Online’. Barry will talk about how Global Kids' programs are designed to address the need for young people to possess leadership skills and understand global issues to further success in the workplace and increase participation in the democratic process. He will describe our latest venture, The Edge Project, which supports the capacity of civic and cultural institutions to use new media as educational platforms.

    For more information on watching this talk show in Second Life or from the web, see the Metanomics website.