Back and Forth Badging!

Badge mania is in full swing here at Global Kids, and I've been in the midst of all the action! For the past few weeks, I have been working on developing badges for the Virtual Video Project and Race to the White House, getting accustomed to the Hive NYC Badge Stack website, and learning how to create the best possible badges. During the process, I have been sitting in on BadgeStack workshops and meetings held by the OLP team to teach their peers about the badging system, which has given me tremendous insight into the system as well. Through these meetings, many of my own questions about badging have been answered, in addition to increasing my knowledge of the system as a whole. 


One of the most valuable things I have learned from working on the badging system is how the creation of these badges is a back-and-forth process. I have been working on modifying the badges, fixing some kinks, and making them better than before. The first VVP badges that I put up were all modified after the OLP team decided to merge some of them since they shared similarities, and could just be combined into other badges. This involved sitting in on a meeting with Daria and Joliz, in which we discussed how the badges would be merged, and which missions should be associated with the final four badges we came up with. After we fleshed out the details, I went back to the drawing board, changing our existing badges and implementing the changes that we wanted to see. The final result was four new badges: Screenwriter, Virtual World Effects Master, GK Guideline Expert, and the Alumn badge. I'm excited to see our awesome youth interns work on attaining these badges, especially since I played a part in creating them. 


Currently, I'm working on the badges for Geocaching, trying to get up all the badges on the system so that they're all up there and ready to be modified if needed. I can't wait for all the badges to be finalized so that they can start being earned by the youth interns, and that we have a way for rewarding them for all their hard work!