Barry Joseph speaks on the Edge Project at the #140edu Conference at the 92nd Street Y

Today I had the opportunity to speak at the #140edu conference at the 92nd Street Y. It's a great gathering where presenters have 15 minutes to address the intersection of digital media and learning.

I decided to talk about our Edge Projects, as we now come to a close after two years, and do so in dialogue... with an animated character produced in advance.


Here is the video:

Actually, that was a video we produced after the event to correct for some unfortunate audio malfunctions during the presentation. However, if you would like to see Barry actually speaking under and to his avatar, please watch this:

Below you can read some of the live comments sent from the audience via Twitter during the presentation:

Blue Engine
Watching @BarryJoseph and @BarryJoseph's avatar on screen. Kind of trippy, kind of awesome. #140Edu

John Marr, Ed.D.
@barryjoseph I love the interaction between avatar and human. So creative and engaging. #140edu

Richard D. Cassella
@barryjoseph working on the edge of learning and digital media

Kevin M. Gong
#140edu @BarryJoseph is using an avatar on screen to present his talk. How creative! Though the audio feedback loop is becoming distracting.

@barryjoseph awesome use of #avatar in #140edu presentation

Sekai Farai
Tech fluency is key ... Let's close the gap. #140edu

Richard D. Cassella
@pagina21 agree, the presentation is a cool idea, but I am sure this is a presentation I'll need to view via web #140edu

Grace O'Keeffe
Not going to lie: this avatar and real person show is kind of trippy. #140edu

Dimity Kirwan
What's the best place to make an avatar for classroom learning?! the one @barryjoseph is using it awesome! #140edu

Aaron Steinberg
@barryjoseph Cool idea - questionable execution. It's always good to be creative!

Rebranded Media
Check out Global Kids:
Global Kids Online Leadership Program and @barryjoseph Both full of passion, energy, & great ideas!

Sekai Farai
Ur avatar is indeed very charming @barryjoseph

Exhibit Change
Wow public library, badges, and social impact as a way to get youth into the libraries! Amazing! What is the project name?

John Mikulski
@BeyondTeaching @barryjoseph 's avatar was made right inside Extranormal #140edu

Eduware, Inc.
Great presentation by @BarryJoseph with his avatar! #140edu

@barryjoseph We saw you at #140edu today. Awesome!

@barryjoseph Very cool use of an avatar in your presentation!