[dmya/p4k/sl/nc/vvp] The First OLP Symposium

On April 5th, 2007, thirty Global Kids leaders from five different Online Leadership Programs met each other for the first time at the Museum of the Moving Image in Queens for the OLP Symposium. The teens toured the museum, presented the work from their programs, and participated in a panel for a Q&A.

The Playing 4 Keeps program began the day meeting with students and faculty at Parson's school of Design and Technology.

All of the students then met for lunch and then went to the museum. While the machinima students went to work on their final videos, the other programs - Newz Crew, Playing 4 Keeps, the Digital Media Youth Advisory, and GK in Second Life - went on tours of the Museum of the Moving Image, which hosted us for the day.

The students then gathered in the museums to show off the work from their projects.

Newz Crew
Anthony & Naama

Playing 4 Keeps
Syndie and Vladimyr

Digital Media Youth Advisory & Second Life
Haisu and Lucky

Virtual Video Project
Gershon, Angela and Idan

After each program presented all presenters sat for a panel and took questions from the audience.

All 40 photos can be watched in a slideshow.

Tabitha asked the last question of the day - Should we do this again next year? - which all in the audience answered with a resounding "Yes!"