Emoti-Con 2013: Youth Digitial Media and Technology Challenge

This past Saturday June 2nd, I attended Emoti-Con for the first time. As the new Global Kids OLP Intern, I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect but by the end of the day, I was left in awe. I left the convention thinking the future is in good hands.


This event brought together students from various Middle Schools as well as High Schools to present projects they have spent months upon months working on. Just walking around I saw projects that tackled many different aspects such as Women’s Rights, bullying, discrimination, and underdevelopment. These young students combined creativity, knowledge and a passion for change to produce, what I thought to be, mind- blowing creations.


Team Arrive presents their project to a panel of judges


A number of projects presented had a focus on technology and how to use technology or digital media to positively impact society. I was impressed when one student wrote songs and raps about the negative perception of women by society while another student wrote poems about being labeled based on her race and physical appearance. One group of students chose to create a solar powered ice cream machine, which was aimed to tackle environment issues. They brought to the floor new and creative ideas.


Students from Cooper Hewitt pitching their project to judges and other students


I was truly amazed to see such young minds with big plans for creating change in the world. Most importantly, I loved that they knew how to have fun! This was a great way for students to get to know other students from different schools and to share ideas as well as motivate each other and provide feedback.


Emoti-Comment cards were handed out and so students could provide feedback on projects and presentations



Chloe Varelidi, one of the guest speakers who spoke to the youth about her love for games and how that eventually lead to her developing her own games


The Question and Answer sessions allowed for students to learn more about the guest speakers and their work.


 I thought this convention was a huge success. The students were engaged and continuously asking questions showing how excited they were to learn. The positive energy at the convention even had me engaged and excited to learn! The guest speakers had inspiring stories that encouraged and pushed the students to continue their drive to make change. Like I said, I was left in awe. I am definitely looking forward to Emoti-Con 2014!