Final Day of Let's Talk Sustainability!

Today was the final day of Let's Talk Sustainability! We started off the day with the group's favorite icebreaker: the Human Knot. Afterwards, students added their finishing touches to their talk show. To edit videos, they've learned how to use iMovie fairly quickly. Other youth finalized their scripts, created slideshows, and chose the music they want to use.

Afterwards, they finalized their outlines for the final two-minute video reflections to recap their five weeks in the program, and we recorded each student's reflection using a Flip camera. The youth had to not only recap their experience this summer, but also describe what they want other teenagers to know about sustainability.

After lunch, it was time for a closing activity in Second Life! The youth revisited a scavenger hunt game they placed in Week 3. They had to look for ten objects on Global Kids Island, which when clicked, would give them a question they had to answer. The questions they had to answer were based on the key terms and concepts they've learned throughout the program.

Finally, it was time for our celebration! As a group, we watched each student's video reflection as well as several other videos that students produced for their talk show. Chingfu, a PhD researcher who has been observing our program, brought us all ice cream and fruit, which the students were definitely looking forward to. As we wrapped up the day, they were reminded about what they'll be doing in the fall.

This is not the last you'll see or hear of LTS! Students will be returning in the fall after the school year starts to broadcast their talk shows in Second Life. Stay tuned for more details, dates, and the names of the guest speakers!

Shout out to facilitators Devon, Juan, Joliz and interns Shimul and Lauren, who all helped to make this program happen!