Final Session of I Dig Brazil: Teens Present Their Scientific Findings!

NY James' Theory from Global Kids on Vimeo.

Yesterday was the final session of "I Dig Brazil." Teens at the Field Museum in Chicago and at the High School for Global Citizenship in Brooklyn presented together over Skype to an audience of their parents, real life scientists, and the staff of Global Kids and the Field Museum. It was a critical "stand and deliver" moment for all of our teens, and they did great!

IDB Exhibit Platform 1 - 2The culmination of eleven weeks of intensive work, the students in I Dig Brazil learned about the country of Brazil, paleontology, biology, climate change, and even dance, as they participated in a wide range of real world and virtual world activities. Much of the scientific learning took place in the virtual world of Teen Second Life, where we had designed a number of engaging and fun activities for the students to practice actual science, rather than just read about it. We supplemented these activities with meetings with real life scientists in person and over Skype and trips to natural history museums.

The focus of the presentations was on the Permian-Triassic Mass Extinction, a catastrophic event about 250 million years ago that led to the death of 70% of all animal and plant life on the earth, and 90% of all sea life. The students presented their research, including the fossils they had dug up, their analysis of what the fossils were, and their theories about what caused the massive extinction so long ago.

Above you can see a video of one of our teens James giving his own theory about the extinction. More of the teens videos can be seen here.

Congrats to all of our students in I Dig Brazil for all of their hard work and dedication, and to our colleagues at the Field Museum for working with us to create this fun and educational experience for our teens. Our teens are already asking about the next I Dig Science camp!