Final Session of Passport to Nigeria


group%20pic_small.jpg Passport to Nigeria, a collaboration between Global Kids and the Museum for African Art, ended last week with a bang. For the past seven weeks, students learned about the history, culture, music, and art of Nigeria through lively discussions, interactive workshops, and guest artists and examined the following themes:

- Art can draw from cultural sources and be a reflection of one’s cultural traditions and values.
- Art and music is a powerful form of expression, especially in times of oppression.
- Art and music can be bridge for understanding other cultures of the world.

Students also learned about different forms of blogging and recorded video blogs after each session. This all culminated in a final celebration that included delicious home-cooked Nigerian food (a lot of it!) and a screening of students’ final videos.

For their final projects, students filmed each other’s reflections about their experiences in the program and wanted others to know about Nigeria. They were asked to return to the program’s themes to reflect on them and to share the artwork they created in a few of the sessions. Finally, students chose the images that they wanted to include at the end of their videos, which were usually pieces of Nigerian art work that they were inspired by.

To view the rest of the student videos, click here.
For photos from the program, click here.

A big thank you to our friends at the Museum for African Art for helping us make the program a success, and congratulations to all of the students in Passport to Nigeria for their hard work and for making it such an excellent and fun program!