Franklin Wants a Badge: A Crowdsourced Critique of Badge Anxiety

This is a reading and commentary of the book Franklin Wants a Badge, a book released in 2003 from an un-used script to a cancelled children's show.


While not directly about digital badges, its focus on interest-driven learning, informal learning spaces, and the role of physical badges raises many issues related to our current conversation (and concerns) about digital badging systems. The possibilities for unpacking this cultural document proved irrisistable. And it seemed too rich to do it on my own.


Using the tool VoiceThread I have created a page by page reading of the book. Each page reading is followed by commentary from both myself and others regarding the hopes and fears about badges displayed in the book and how it helps us understand our current efforts to launch digital badging systesms to support life-long learning.


As you enjoy the book and our commentary, please consider adding your own.