Global Kids and Hive at Grantmakers for Learning 2012 Conference

GK Leader Brianna setting up our board.


Global Kids presented their Hive projects at the 2012 Grantmakers for Learning Conference Reception. GK Leader Brianna discussed her experience in the summer program Race to the White House which through the Hive Learning Network was in partnership with the Brooklyn Public Library.


Brianna rocking her Hive t-shirt at the Global Kids table.


Brianna explained what geocaching was and their process of coming up with difference electorial issues to highlight within the game. She also encouraged the Grantmakers to experience a mini-scavenger hunt during the reception and gave sticker prizes to those who completed the task. 


Myself and Brianna setting up the table.

(Photo credit: @_technovation_)


Myself and Chris Shoemaker from New York Public Library discussed our Hive collaboration NYC Haunts. We highlighted the game created in Seward Park which focused on women and labor issues. Grantmakers were able to sample the ARIS based game and ask questions on geolocative gaming.