Global Kids Create to Learn at Games for Change 2012

C2L Playing board games


Global Kids youth leaders from Create to Learn will present their game at the 9th Games for Change Festival this coming Wednesday June 20th. Create to Learn is a program  in which middle school girls design a game for teaching math to their 6th grader peers. The youth leaders will be presenting as part of the Game for Learning Institute Expo at Greenberg Lounge (NYU Law School). During these past months the girls have been working on creating a game called Nine Lives,  a game of rescue of a princess (or prince) depending on the player's choice. The player must go through a forest and defeat the dragons by answering math games that are thrown as fire balls. 


We hope that if you are attending Games for Change this year, you will stop by and see the work the girls have created. If you do, you will be able to engage them and see for yourself how versed they have become in the vernacular of game design. They will speak to you about iteration (you might want to ask them about versions), about prototype, about testing, about characters, about coming up with ideas, and brainstorming.


Stop by, talk to them, and see how game design has become part of their vocabulary.


Then play their prototype on paper and in digital form, and provide them with feedback so they can take it and make the game even better. You will be one of the first ones to see the digital version. Come and check it out.


For more information please visit the Games for Change link for the event: Create to Learn at Games for Change


We hope to see you there.