Global Kids' Geocaching Travel Bug on Electoral Issues - On The Move!

In the past week, Global Kids youth leaders have released almost four dozen travel bugs into the geocaching wild - each associated with an issue of importance identified by the youth they want to see addressed in the 2012 Presidential Campaign.



Yesterday, for the first time, we began to see them move, from one cache to another, towards the White House, with log posts responding to the specifics of the issue. All three were picked up in Queens from BSA Troop 351 Eagle Scout #2 and moved South to Long Island.


Race to the White House - D11 was moved to Bird Bonanza III: The Parrot Field. The FTF (first to find) geocacher posted this reflection on the topic:

Medical Marijuana should be allowed as long as it is prescribed by a doctor who monitors his/her patients. People I know take medication and are always being checked to make sure that they don't have kidney issues. Everyone must be made aware that there is a difference between Medical Marijuana and the Marijuana smoked on the street. Great job GlobalKidsInc!
Race to the White House - A12 was moved to Unused Trails #5. The FTF posted this reflection:
The theme of this TB hits home. My son is a Sophomore in college and I just graduated. I feel that college tuition should be much lower than it is now but not free. Tuition should be affordable yet at the same time students should have an incentive to work to pay for their share of the tuition. Responsibility must start at an early age.
Race To The White House - C10 was moved to Cache in Costume. The FTF posted this reflection:
As a Retired NYPD Detective I know first hand the gun problem in NYC. Having good gun control laws is a start. We must have follow up in the judicial system. Good gun laws will lower crime however we must enforce them and show people that violence with a unlicensed gun will not be tolerated.
It is hard to say what excited the youth more - seeing the travel bugs begin to move or reading the first thoughtful comments on the topics they raised.