Global Kids Present in Second Life

The New Media Consortium posted a synopsis of the first episode of Global Kids' Let's Talk Sustainability. Check it out below!

Recently a group called Global Kids met up in Second Life to produce and take part in a virtual world talk show called “Let’s Talk Sustainability.”


In the first episode, Global Kids teen leaders gathered in Second Life to share a video clip from The Meatrix, as well as a slideshow describing the production of a fast food product. They discussed the video and slideshow and shared a game where audience members were able to participate and express their opinions on different food issues.


The avatar Cicero Kit, a.k.a Jennifer Dolan, an adjunct instructor for communications at Rasmussen College, was the featured guest in Second Life. She shared with the audience how to eat healthily, how to locate organic and sustainable foods within their local communities, and how to stretch the grocery dollar during tough economic times. Some other topics Cicero spoke of were tap water vs.bottled water, and eating organically and healthily as a vegan.

It was a fun and informative first production in this talk show series. For more information about Global Kids and this innovative virtual world talk show visit the Global Kids Website.

Check out the video of the first episode!

Original article posted at New Media Consortium.