Goals with Race to the White House

My participation in Race to the White House has been a good experience. To help create a game and be a part of something that may later have an affect on society is wonderful. Some skills that being a part of Race to the White House have taught me are public speaking, communication skills, team work, and research. I've learned more about public speking with learning how to catch the audiences attention for the work shop that we will held on friday. I learned to be loud, energetic, and informative. You learn more communication skills becaue you're meeting and interacting with new people which ties into temwork. Everything we've done we've done as a group which was very helpful and I learned recieveing help isn't alwys a bad thing. The biggest take away from being apart of RWH would maybe have to be leadership skills, thats one thing I learned and will further take on with me in life. What I would want people to learn from RWH is the topics that are going on and see how its affecting everyone and hope that is possibly makes a differnce.