I Dig Brazil Recruitment Flyer

I Dig Brazil FlyerOur friends at the Field Museum shared with us this cute recruitment flyer for our Fall program "I Dig Brazil" that we are running with them.

I Dig Brazil is an innovative digital learning program geared toward teaching about science -- specifically paleontology and biology -- and critical global issues -- such as climate change, biodiversity, and cultural preservation -- using an immersive 3D virtual environment and a web-based e-learning platform. The program will involve a group of New York high schoolers working virtually with another group of teens at the Field Museum in Chicago to complete various online and offline activities. The focus will be on Brazil, coinciding with a Field Museum-sponsored scientific expedition to that country searching for ancient fossils.

I Dig Brazil builds upon two years of experience conducting other "I Dig Science" virtual camps: the first in 2008 called "I Dig Tanzania" and the second in 2009 called "I Dig Zambia."

We'll be posting more info soon as we get closer to launching I Dig Brazil!