I Dig Brazil Youth Learning Maps

moira learning map
So far, the I Dig Brazil teens in New York have already connected with youth in Chicago and university students in Brazil via Skype, collaborated with each other on building an interactive map of Piaui, explored the excitement of virtual worlds through Second Life, went backstage at the American Museum of Natural History for an interview with one of the scientists traveling to Brazil who gave us a private tour of prehistoric fossils... and it's only the second week!

Our youth have been doing some very exciting things in the "I Dig Brazil" program, one of which is creating their very own learning maps which helps them conceptualize all of the various places in which they learn. It never ceases to amaze me how wise our youth are. They’ve included the basics of learning such as “high school” and “my teachers”, but they’ve also included references to more personal and profound things, like, “my experience traveling abroad” and “my mistakes”.

We also asked them about what they thought they would use from their various "learning nodes" in I Dig Brazil. Among their responses:

  • Dashaan: My dad

  • James: School and historical references
  • Shayne: Mostly people, teachers, scientists, etc.
  • Sami: the Internet

    Take a look at what they’ve created. Hopefully they’ll inspire you to think of all the places you learn.

    [Link to The Learning Maps by I Dig Brazil teens.]