I'm Leaving GK and What You Can Do About It

After a dozen years at Global Kids, the majority directing our Online Leadership Program, I would like to announce that it is time for me to move on. I am sad to be leaving this incredible organization, the youth we serve, and the staff with whom I have had the privilege of doing such ground-breaking work.


I will be embarking on a new adventure, as the Associate Director for Digital Learning in the Education Department of the American Museum of Natural History.


Because Global Kids has meant so much to me, I would like to ask your help as I plan to transition, in three specific ways:

  • Comment on the 12 key lessons I have learned while working at GK.
  • Help me see that work continue to flourish.
  • Promote the search for my replacement.


Help 1: 12 Lessons After 12 Years

After considerable thought, I think I can summarize 12 key lessons I learned over my time at Global Kids, lessons about digital media in a youth development and global education context. To read explanations of each of the lessons (and respond through the comment section) please visit here.


1. Youth Care.
2. Youth Voices Matter.
3. New Literacy Frameworks Are the Key To The Future.
4. The Fast Track To New Literacies Is Youth Digital Media Production.
5. Avoid The Myth Of The Self-Directed Learner.
6. Educators Are Still Trying To Figure This All Out.
7. Find Your Edge Point Then Work It.
8. Make Connections: Person to Person.
9. Make Connections: Institution to Institution.
10. Make Connections: A Network of Collaborators.
11.The Workplace Can Be A Praxis For The Change We Want To See.
12. Youth Come First.


Help 2: Take The Challenge
If you find these lessons of value or found our work to be worthwhile, please joini me in advocating for and supporting the continuation of this work. All I ask is that you join me in making a donation of $1 to Global Kids, earmarked "GK All Day" in the “How Did You Hear” field. That is, $1 for each of the 12 lessons you support, multiplied by the number of years you’ve known me. For example, if you you met me this year and only support one of the lessons, then please donate $1. If you met me 12 years ago and you support all 12... well, you get the idea. My goal is not to raise the most money (although that is always appreciated) but to show how many people value this work and want to see it continue. So after you donate at least $1, please tweet and FB and such your family and friends and ask them to do the same (I am sure they will appreciate a request for money that is not from a Super PAC). Click here to make a donation.


Help 3: Promote The Job Opening
Please help us spread the word about the Global Kids’ search for my replacement. The link to the description is here. A suggested tweet might look like this:


Please help Global Kids find an innovative new director for its award-winning Online Leadership Program: http://tinyurl.com/bnck8fw #globalkids


Thank you for taking the time to consider my request to help Global Kids’ continued innovations in digital media and learning. As I summarized at the end of the full 12 Lessons After 12 Years:

GK holds out a vision framing youth as empowered leaders equipped with resources to use digital media to take public positions on pressing global issues, and does this work within a dynamic community of similarly-minded innovators working together to identify best practices and turn what are now disruptive innovations into a revolution that will reshape the practice of learning in the 21st century. And it is a great place to work, supporting the development of both youth served and the staff doing the work.


It has been an incredible opportunity and privilege to be associated with such a remarkable institution and I hope you will join me in supporting their ongoing efforts.