Kicking Off P4K Citywide 2014-2015!

We at Global Kids are excited to announce that last week we kicked off Playing for Keeps Citywide, our flagship game design program in which high school students from all over the city come to Global Kids headquarters once per week to learn about design concepts, play and analyze games, and learn basic coding. 


Students will create socially conscious games about issues that are culturally relevant to them and develop computational thinking and design skills in the process.


During our first session, students played and identified the elements of different types of games, including analog, mobile, and XBox games. In our next few sessions, we are looking forward to hacking playground games and engaging more deeply in the design process. 


Students played and analyzed games, like Jenga and Space Team, an intense multi-player mobile game in which players must work together to drive a virtual spaceship. 



Special thanks to Digital Ready for helping us reach out to our participants.