Lesson 8 - Create a Sequential Game in Taleblazer

Students have playtested a geolocative game with TaleBlazer and analyzed how it’s parts interact. This lesson introduces students to the TaleBlazer interface which they will use to create a mini sequential game. Students will build on these skills to design their collaborative game as the program progresses.



Essential Questions:


  • How do the elements of a sequential game interact?
  • How is a game made on TaleBlazer?



Objectives: Introduce the TaleBlazer interface Begin to create a sequential game on TaleBlazer Review of Geo-Locative Games



Begin by asking students, what are geo-locative games?


Elicit: games that are played in a physical space, but at the same time, they are supported by actions and events in a virtual space (computer, devices, internet) that connect all its parts.


In the last workshop, students played a geo-locative game. Ask, what do you remember about it? What did you as the player do to interact with the game (the mechanics)?


·       What was the goal of the game?

·       What were the components of the game that you interacted with?

·       What was the space?

·       What were the mechanics?


Now that there is an understanding of geo-locative games and how they are played in the physical space, students will create their first game on Taleblazer. 


Create a Sequential Game in TaleBlazer


In this activity, students will create a simple game in TaleBlazer in which agents (characters) appear on the map in sequential order. Visiting (bumping) an agent triggers the next agent to appear on the map.


The game should follow these parameters:


1.     There are 3 characters in the game

2.     Only 1 character appears at the beginning of the game

3.     Character 2 appears only after player has seen character 2

4.     Character 3 appears only after player has seen character 3


Following are the steps to take in order to create the game as explained in the video below.


Step 1: Create the map.

a.              Enter address

b.              Click search address

c.              Click: Move Game to Here

d.              Check Lock Map


Step 2: Create the agents.


Step 3: Place agents.


Step 4: Create Scripts

Agent 1 included at start of game

When bump Agent 1 include Agent 2, exclude Agent 1

When bump Agent 2 include Agent 3, exclude Agent 2

When bump Agent 3, exclude Agent 3, say “End of Game.”




·       Students learn the TaleBlazer interface

·       Students collaborate to make a mini-game on TaleBlazer


Design Journal:


·       What did you learn today in TaleBlazer?

·       What would you like to learn?



See the following video for detail instructions on how to create the game: 





See video