Let's Talk Sustainability - Day 18

Students continued finalizing their scripts, interviewing people for their pre-produced videos, editing their videos, choosing music, and other details for their talk shows. The youth have each chosen elements of the talk show that they're the most interested in to work on (i.e. music, writing, Second Life set design, etc.) and are able to develop their expertise in that area of interest.

glimpses_2040_final_233_140.jpg In the afternoon, students went on a field trip to the Center for Architecture to visit their exhibit Glimpses, about New York and Amsterdam in the year 2040. The exhibit explores the long-term futures of both cities as they're affected by, "shifting demographics, changes in climate, energy transitions and global economic patterns." The exhibit focused on each city's plan on creating sustainable urban environments.

Students with Center for Architecture staff at Glimpses exhibit

Maria blogged about her thoughts on the exhibit:

Yesterday we went to NYU where we viewed an exhibit called "Glimpses" where the students of the school created art that showcased how they viewed the their communities to look like in 30 years form now. The artwork was incredibly interesting, and unique I would have to say but in sum I viewed it as impossible. In one of the exhibits there was a red carpet that led into the city and what was called a "thinking tank". There was another one with a car driving on water -_- come on I know the students were only trying to be creative but they can also be realistic. The exhibit was nice and interesting overall I have to say though.

While there, youth completed the exhibit guide which asked both questions about each section of the exhibit as well as personal questions about how they would design their own sustainable city.

Students were able to connect what they learned on this trip with other guest speakers and discussions they have had about green design and urban planning, including their trip to the Mayor's Office of Long-Term Planning and Sustainability to meet policy advisor Ibrahim Abdul-Matin, their discussion with Marco Antonio Castro and his bus roots idea, and their talk with Ken Miller about China's environmental policies.