Let's Talk Sustainability - Day 19

Participants in the program continued working in groups to complete the script for the talk show. Some groups were creating videos of their own that they will later use in their Second Life show. The Global Warming group started to film saving energy tips that will be inserted throughout their show. The E-waste group explored more ways to make the show engaging, and worked on putting the final touches to the script. The food production group went to the Farmer's Market in Union Square to film some of the footage that they needed to complete the script.


In the afternoon they prepared a short summary for a final short two-minute video that they will record tomorrow and present to the rest of the program as a closing activity for the program.

In the afternoon, the Second Life activities continue by visiting a sim inspired around the theme of biodiversity. Then continued with practicing the talk show using voice and interviewing each other.

Talk Show Practice

At the end of the day, participants created a short video and added a vlog entry in their blog.

Here is Nick's vlog about his experience with the Food Production group:

first vlog