Middle Schoolers Learning Gaming and Web Design

In our third year at the Angelo Patri Middle School MS 391 in the Bronx, we have introduced two new programs into the curriculum.


On Mondays we began the Global Kids Playing 4 Keeps program in which students are learning the fundementals of game design and will eventually develop a serious game on a global issue. Our first session had students exploring what makes iconic characters by drawing and presenting some of their own favorites. 


GK Leaders Chris and Lexington drawing a character from World of Warcraft.


GK Leaders Collins, Jose and Coby present their drawing from Avatar. 


GK Leaders Jose and JD present their characters from Super Mario. 


On Tuesdays our Digital Expressions program is a web design club where students will learn the basics of HTML, CSS, and Javascript in order to develop a website that addresses a social issue. In our latest session students participated in a workshop where they learned about the Convention on the Rights of the Child and the importance of having rights. Students wrote up their own list of rights they felt all children should have. We then segued into the importance of an open web and why is that important. We closed with groups coming up with a superhero that would defend the web to maintain it open and free for all. 


GK Leaders presenting their list of rights.



​GK Leaders presenting their list of rights.


GK Leaders answering how their life would be like without the web.


GK Leader Jose reading out to the group responses to "How can you tell the web was made by people?"



GK Leader JD presents his Open Web superhero.


GK Leader Amberly presents her Open Web Superhero.


GK Leader Nana presents his Open Web Superhero.


We are excited for the work these group of leaders will be producing over the year!