[NC] Newz Crew Featured Discussion: On Cell Phone Use in Schools

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Do you think students should be allowed to have recording devices or cell phone cameras in class? Why do you think teachers and schools are so concerned about videos from class being posted on the internet?


12:22am Dec 16, 2006 EST

What if there is an emergency and you have your cell phone beside you, are you not supposed to use it? That bugs me because at my school the teachers will take away your cell phone if they even so much as see it. I think the teachers are worried that their reputation will be ruined and once they're caught they can't do what they've been doing anymore.


03:14am Dec 16, 2006 EST

I think cell phones shouldn't be allowed in class. What people don't seem to remember is that you don't have any rights the moment you walk into the school. I think cell phones shouldn't be allowed because it makes cheating really easy (texting), and they are disruptive. As for in the case of an emergency, your parents can call the school and you can find out through them. The school can contact you through the office. If you're the one in danger, at the begining of each school year you have to fill out a form stating all of your phone numbers and such, so the school can notify your parents.


12:57pm Dec 17, 2006 EST

I have to take my cell phone to school so that i can call my mom and tell her i've reached. But as soon as i do that, i leave it with the front desk and pick it up at the end of the day.

I dont think cell phones are necessary for students' survival in school. A lot of it is about popularity and showing off; everyone wants to be the kid who has the latest model of some phone. The flip side to all of that popularity is your phone is likely to be stolen. That's happened a lot of times in schools.

bacon n' eggs

02:15pm Dec 17, 2006 EST

Do i have my phone with me? yes, i do. and i take it to school
do i leave it on at school? no way! thats the basic answer. but i know people cheat and leave them on. i dont agree with them, but thats ok.


02:42pm Dec 17, 2006 EST

i can see why they would take them to stop cheating but still... I carry my cell phone with me at school all day and never use it. I think you should be allowed to have your cell phone but not have it on. There has to be a better way to stop cheating.


06:55pm Dec 17, 2006 EST

I agree. I don't think cellphones should be allowed on in class. That's dumb. im getting a cellphone for my birthday, but i must learn a lesson in responsability while having it- meaning i must pay for my own minutes...


01:32pm Dec 18, 2006 EST

think in most schools mobile phones are prohibited...but students will always use them whether or not they are supposed to. At my school for instance, phones are not allowed but teachers know we have them, and they get used a lot (particularly the recording function)but as soon as a teacher enters,up the sleeves they go.


09:02am Dec 19, 2006 EST

I do think that students should be allowed to have cellphones on school campus because what if there is a school emergency and you need your phone to call your parents or legal guardian. The teachers probably don't like recording of what happens in school because maybe one day a bad word slips and the kid shows it to his boss and gets fired.