[NC] Newz Crew Featured Discussion: MySpace Launches Voter-Registration Plan.

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This feature is taken from Newz Crew, Group 82: MySpace Launches Voter-Registration Plan.

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11:04pm Sep 27, 2006 EST

Yes, I think advertising online, or maybe even making it possible to vote through the internet would get more teens to vote. The American people like things that are easy, we like short cuts, which is why we like faster things. If it would be possible to make voting faster and easier, more people/teens would do it.


11:18pm Sep 27, 2006 EST

It's pretty sad, but probably true that more people would vote if they didn't have to leave their house for 10 minutes to do it. I don't think we're ready to have internet voting though...we can't even pull off counting ballots without controversy anymore, imagine how much people would whine if there was any possibility of hacking or something like that.


08:29am Sep 28, 2006 EST

I believe that putting advertising online will help getting young voters. Young people go online all the time and it's where they spend most of their day. I would just keep advertising, because other than that there is really nothing else you can do to get the younger generation to vote.

cucumber pie

08:44am Sep 28, 2006 EST

I think using Myspace to advertise for voter-registration is a great idea. I use myspace and if I were constantly reminded to vote every day, i would definitly go out and vote on November 7th. I think a good way to get young people out and vote would be to offer them benefits, like extra credit in school, or like a free meal. If there is food there 18 yr olds will be there.


08:51am Sep 28, 2006 EST

I think more young people will vote if it is advertised more. I would tell people who are old enough to vote, all the benefits of voting, and encourage my friends to watch the news and vote on what they agree with.


09:03am Sep 28, 2006 EST

I think more people will become aware of the voting, but I doubt it will prompt people to go and vote.


01:46pm Sep 28, 2006 EST

If voting was available over the internet, it would make more young people want to vote. With a website as popular as MySpace, young people would be very influenced to vote.


02:01pm Sep 28, 2006 EST

There are things that could go wrong with this. People could break onto your screen name and vote for you. This could cause a lot of errors and mistakes.


07:57pm Oct 1, 2006 EST

I think that this would be a good idea. Now everyone usually has a computer and the world is moving more and more towards a technology-based society. By advertising voting online more young people will vote and by putting registration online more people in general will register.