[NC] Newz Crew Featured Discussion: On Technology in the Classroom

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This feature is taken from Newz Crew, Group 86: Electronic Devices In School.

What do you think about electronic devices being in schools?


08:13pm Nov 16, 2006 EST

Many students are protesting to bring their electronic devices, such as cell phones and ipods, to schools with metal detectors. However, those electronic devices could be used for gang violence, interruptions in class, and cheating on tests. Do you think electronic devices should be allowed in schools even though they pose a threat to students' existence in school?

Starr *14*

08:26pm Nov 16, 2006 EST

i think some electronics should be able to be brought to school such as phones because what happens if you need to get in contact with your parents???


08:53pm Nov 16, 2006 EST

I think electronic devices should be allowed in school. I think as long as the teachers don't mind you listening to them in class then it doesn't matter. But every teacher is different. Although I don't think that it is the teachers responsibility if the electronic goes missing because it was their choice whether they wanted to bring it to school or not.


12:54am Nov 17, 2006 EST

Cellphones may be a problem, but mp3 players? How could you cheat with your mp3 player? What are you going to do, record all of the answers and questions of a test onto some cassette, convert it to mp3 format, somehow load it onto your friends mp3 player, and mananage to do that before your friend has class so he/she can look up all the answers beforehand? Seriously. I'd like to know how kids cheat with their mp3 players. Sounds a little ridiculous. Maybe if students read their textbooks out loud onto wavpad and then uploaded it onto their mp3 player BEFORE school the next day it might be possible, but who's going to do that? Besides, teachers aren't going to let you listen to music while doing work. I can understand the no cell phone thing, but no mp3 players? Adding insult to injury if you ask me.


12:03pm Nov 17, 2006 EST

The teachers at our school let us listen to them when we work. But we cant when it is during a lesson, which is completely understandable. The no cellphone issue is just stupid though. I can understand it when you are in class and IM eachother during class but whose fault is it if you dont get the work done? Really all of these rules wouldnt have come into play if teachers didnt see people abusing the powers.


08:29pm Nov 17, 2006 EST

I think they should allow cell phones in the schools for emergency reason!There are some students in the school with medical problem for example there are some students with Asthma that need there phones cause if something happens to them after school and they can't get to a phone in time they are in trouble.This is why students should be allowed to have cell phones in the school.


03:09pm Nov 19, 2006 EST

I agree with Hail but no Naruto. If it was an emergency you would not be able to call some 1 because it is an emergency(the). But we should have cell phones.


08:07pm Nov 19, 2006 EST

I agree that they should allow kids to bring cell phones to school but i kind of understand where the city is coming from by not allowing kids to bring there phones to school because some kids will use it for the wrong reasons like me. Like if some one has a problem with a kid from another gang they will call up one of there people so that after school they could jump that person.


08:35pm Nov 19, 2006 EST

I think cell phones should be allowed at schools, but they should be turned off during class. There is no reason for them to be on at that time. If a parent needs to contact you due to an emergency they can call the school. If your parent needs to be contacted the school can call them. As for mp3 players, it's really up to the teacher. However they shouldn't be allowed during tests. You can record all the information that will be on a test and listen to that during your test. It's probably somewhat time consuming, but easier than memorizing information.


05:04pm Nov 21, 2006 EST

Very Well said. I agree 100%. It's not like teachers are encouraging you to bring it. So it's totally your responsibility if it gets lost. But like you said, electronics are definately bought to be used too lol, but there's a time and place for it all to happen.


11:59am Nov 22, 2006 EST

II agree as well about cell phones, but not so much on MP3 players. I see no problem with listening to music during lunch and study halls, but we don't need them in the calssroom.

I admit there are times when there's nothing going on but personal work and you wouldn't disturb anyone by listening to music, but you don't learn much if you're never outside of your comfort zone. I mean, even if your'e not tachnically learning anything factual, the action istelf of doing the work trains you, does it not? You learn how to focus on one thing, however stupid it is, and stretch your attention span. You learn self-control.


06:44pm Nov 23, 2006 EST

well in my business class, i get all of my work done and I have nothing left to do. We cant play games, many sites are blocked off. If the teacher doesn't have a problem with us listening, then i think it's fine to bring it. I find it a bit more of a problem, when principals automatically shut down the no electronics. I mean they don't know what our classes are like as in how good the kids are. If i was a teacher and had a great class, that got our work done (my business class), then I would let them because it doesn't seem to affect the work.


04:17am Nov 24, 2006 EST

I feel that cell phones can be used for good or bad. For example, students can use it to call their parents or their friends to fight. Students can use cell phones contact their parents to pick them up after a test or use to cheat on a test with their friends. Which ones would teens really pick? you choose!