[NC] Newz Crew Featured Discussion: Violent Video Games!

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01:58pm Jul 9, 2006 EST

Hey Gerrit. No, violent video games have nothing to do with todays violence amongst teens. Maybe the ones who aren't right in the head are affected though...

Conan the Librarian

02:05pm Jul 9, 2006 EST

I think the violence of the games can affect the kids, but if that is a problem, it should be the parent's job to keep their children from playing them. I mean, the parent has to drive the kid to the store and say it's okay when they buy it.

Conan the Librarian

04:25pm Jul 9, 2006 EST

There are very extreme cases where people ruin their lives because they become addicted to a game. Everquest in the past and World of Warcraft today are the biggest purpetrators (sp) of this. I've heard of people that have lost jobs, wives, or even their lives playing Everquest.

In these cases, whose fault do you think it is? Is it the gamers for losing control over their playtime or is it the game industry's fault for making such an addictive product.


05:48pm Jul 9, 2006 EST

I don't think violent video games are something to worry about.If they are, then so are violent movies. Nobody seems to be worrying about them.


05:52pm Jul 9, 2006 EST

I don't think video games should be banned or anything, but I wouldn't surprised if they did have a connection with violence. I mean the army uses video games to desensitize soldiers to killing civilians. They must have some effect on the individual.


05:59pm Jul 9, 2006 EST

agreed, but not to the extent where is someone makes u angry u kil them. I mean something has to be seriously wrong with you, with or without video games.


07:52pm Jul 9, 2006 EST

I don't think it's the game industries fault for making 'addictive products'. It's the persons fault. That's just dumb.

Conan the Librarian

09:37pm Jul 9, 2006 EST

I agree as well, but there are people who think it's the manufacturer's fault. To name one, there is a mother whose son killed himself playing Everquest and she formed a society for people that are addicted to video games.

If you want to check it out, go to gamersanonymous.blogspot.com


01:33am Jul 10, 2006 EST

I think that violent video games can really effect a persons behavior, it depends on the person. Just because someone starts imitating what they see on the screen doesn't make them messed up, it just means they're more susceptible to the game then others. I think that parents should check out a game for their kids before they let them play it because some games can be really bad.


01:44am Jul 10, 2006 EST

there are so many things causing todays youth to become violent. music, movies, television shows, and video games. it isnt just one thing. and like many of you were saying, it is also about the individual. if the person doesnt have their own mind, or the common sense to understand that's not what you do in real life, that's not really anyone's fault, it just happened.