Reflection on VVP!


On day one the goals I wrote down I want to become a travel doctor. Since then my participation in VVP has helped improved my research skills, my confidence and my global awareness. These skills will help me with my future goals. By researching I can learn more about my options, the confidence will help me become more assertive and reach for want I want to achieve in life. 

The biggest thing I could take away from my participation in VVP is the experiences and skills I gained in second life and learning about film making  as well as meeting these amazing people with there own uniqueness. I was extremely grateful to have worked with Russell and the GK staff (Daria, Joliz, Devon). 
I want people to gain a better understanding of what is happening around them and around the world because of climate change. This will help them to be more prepared and cautious about the climate and take better steps to protect themselves.