[RezEd] Visit the SmallWorlds RezEd Educator's Zone

Earlier this month, the social networking platform Ning announced it's Apps Platform program and among the initial batch of featured Ning Apps listed in it was the virtual world SmallWorlds.

Well, if you haven't checked this out yet, RezEd.org, set up it's own embedded SmallWorlds members lounge for members of RezEd to be able to interact and chat in 3D while logged in to the RezEd network. Look's like we were even the first to add it to our Ning network page as reported by Virtual Worlds News:

Ning Network Creators can now add the SmallWorlds app to their network. For SmallWorlds, this means instant increased visibility should any of the Ning groups choose to add the app to their landing page. According to SmallWorlds, educator network GlobalKids was the first to add SmallWorlds to its Ning page.

You can visit the RezEd Educator's Zone here.