[SiSL] Findings from Science through SL independant evaluation released

If you are a regular reader to the blog, you might have followed along with our Science through Second Life project that we ran during the past school year. Well we are excited to announce the release of an independent evaluation that was conducted during this project. The project, funded by the Motorola Foundation, integrated Second Life and a wide range of web tools into a standards based high school science class in New York City.

Key findings included:

  • Students’ attitudes towards science-related careers changed positively with the StSL curriculum.
  • Students’ self-efficacy and self-confidence in their abilities to do science-related work increased.
  • Compared to the traditional science curriculum, the number of students reporting being overwhelmed by science class fell by 50%.
  • 40 minutes of class time was not enough for the range of activities on many occasions.
  • Students’ low literacy skills played a major role in shaping the curriculum activities.
  • Low achieving students’ grades improved significantly compared to the previous semester.
  • Students’ collective intelligence skills improved throughout the semester. More students reported that they felt more comfortable working with others to get something done using digital media in the post survey.
  • Students’ confidence in the effectiveness of blogging, doing Comic Life projects, and using SL for science learning increased throughout the semester.

Download a PDF of the full evaluation findings here.