[SiSL] Teen's comment on their SiSL experience

Last week saw Global Kids Global Science class come to a close, led by Tracy Rebe at our High School for Global Citizenship. It was the first OLP program to be developed and run within a classroom setting, mandatory and not optional. The program was designed to use Second Life during most sessions, as well as blogs, flickr, digital comics, and more.

Frankly, we had no idea which parts, if any would work. Now that the program has come to a close, Tracy reports that yes, the students developed an awareness and empathy to global science, environmental and sustainability issues, and did so in a way that was only possible through use of a virtual world.

Equally exciting are the quotes below taken the from the youth's final blog entries regarding their final words on the class. I am sure you will enjoy them as much as we did:

"One thing I learned about science in Second Life is that science is really not that hard. I always thought, "I can't do this," but now I have learned so much, like about sustainability and how I can help to make our earth better. I never knew I was this smart." -- Egypt

"I did not like science before I did this course. I wish I could have Second Life in each class. This is the most amazing thing that I've experienced in high school so far." -- Andrysse

"This class has changed my life, physically and mentally, as it has helped me learn about computers and other places around the world." -- Shaquile B.

"I never thought global science could be so fun to learn." -- Naomi

"Learning global science in Second Life helped a lot because we got to make things that we need to learn. Also we got to have our first field trip in second life where we got to experience different things in a virtual world Learning science in Second Life keeps you interested in your work, which is normally very hard for me to do, except for in this class." -- Shaquille

"Learning in Second Life was fun and taught me a lot of things because its learning and having fun instead of just learning and being bored." -- Latisha

"I got to learn science in a fun way and still get education." -- Rakeem

"My experience in this class is one to remember. Using Science in Second Life made it a lot easier for me to do projects and homework. In class instead of just writing every day we would use the computer to type our notes, look up information, and sometimes get pictures to do class work and homework." -- KoraAnne

"One thing I can say about second life is it is very exciting and very entertaining, and to be able to do my project on it is great. I would recommend this style of learning to anyone who loves science and online games. It would appeal to what they like." -- Eaon

"I recommend this [class] to people all over the world because they would be able learn things about science and have fun at the same time." -- Asha

"I would recommend this program to other teachers and student because it shows science in a whole different way." -- Shabede

"I think learning science in second life was very fun and educational. I think that it was fun because we got to do something different instead of reading a regular text book. It was also educational because we learned science while we were having fun. If I was to recommend it to anybody I would because it was a fun and exciting experience. I will miss it very much." -- Zana

"It was fun and a great learning experience I enjoyed going on second life to do science." -- Lucius

"IT WAS REALLY FUN!!!! I enjoyed building a solar/ hybrid car for my project and I enjoyed making a billboard. I would recommend this style of learning for any subject because it keeps us (students) pushing because we are using a game for learning." -- Ernesto