Summer Beta for Hive NYC Badging System Launches

Yesterday we were delighted to formally launch the summer beta period for the Hive NYC Badging System. Partnering with Learning Times, we have developed a fantastic badging system for use across the Hive NYC Learning Network. Four brave organizations met this week to get up to speed on how to use the new system, define and refine their scope of work and plans for the summer, and coordinate our efforts.



The four organizations are The Lamp CDC, The New York Public Library, the YMCA of Greater New York, and Global Kids.


Each organization has very different plans over the next two months, but all activities will be located within the same site.

The Point CDC will beta test a badge system as part of their SYEP (Student Youth Employment Program) PowerPOINT Camp 2012. Their initial Badge System goal is to have young people actively document their learning experience and transformation leading to the establishment of individual-group and collective badges. There are three things The Point aims to learn over the course of the beta:


1) Learn how to coordinate across the different programs within The Point

2) Learn how to exemplify the accomplishments and progress of students at The Point

3) Learn how to improve the badge system in the long run to fit the needs of The Point


The New York Public Library is embarking on a science program built around Bjork’s Biophilia album and iPad app. Each week, two modules will be covered by groups at the Bronx Library Center and at Hamilton Grange Library. Each module is based on the scientific theme of one song and its accompanying song making game in the app. They are planning on issuing two badges for participants who complete each module: one for the science aspect and one for the music aspect. They might also incorporate the library resources section of each module into an information literacy badge. They hope that the badges will encourage participants to stay with the program and attend each week. Also, some activities, such as rock candy formation and growing mushrooms, take more than one session to develop. They want to learn if issuing badges at the end of the process will keep participants engaged over time despite the absence of immediate gratification.


The YMCA of Greater New York is exploring whether to use the badging system to support the development of leadership skills amongst their C.I.T. (Counselor in Training) program.


Global Kids will be running the beta across three different programs this summer (two, coincidentally, also SYEP programs): the Virtual Video Project (youth using games to make animated movies about global sustainability), Race to the White House (a Hive-funded program in partnership with the Brooklyn Public Library in which youth will make a geolocative game about electoral politics) and U.S. in the World: International Law and Foreign Policy Program 2012 at the Council on Foreign Relations.