A Summer Teacher Fellow and Global Kids collaboration

Prospect Park:  Trackable Drop A Teacher Summer Fellow collaborated with Global Kids this summer in a digital media program in which GK youth leaders and youth from the Brooklyn Public Library created a game about political issues that might be impacted by the upcoming presidential election this November 6, 2012.


Thanks to the support from the National Summer Learning Association, Yiram Aldouby, a dean and music teacher from the High School for Global Citizenship in Brooklyn joined the Race to the White House. Race to the White House was a technology program that took place over a period of two weeks in which youth used the platform geocahing to create a game with an emphasis on political issues.


Yiram was involved in all aspects of the program, from the initial planning sessions to its final implementation. Having someone who was comfortable with digital media and who also works with youth in an urban setting was of great value for the success of the program. He participated actively in the workshops, facilitating some of them and always guiding the youth in their research and all aspects of the program.


Race to the White House was a program that required careful coordination, part of the workshops took place in open space: parks around New York City. It was of invaluable help to have Yiram collaborate with us. Because of his experience working with youth, Yiram was essential in inspiring them to always challenge themselves and to encourage them to take initiative when they were hesitant to adventure on their own in the parks.  He was also of great help when providing technical support to the participants with applications that needed to be quickly learned in order to complete the project in a timely manner.


Race to the White House was an intensive two week program using very new technology, and technolgy that was never used before in an informal learning environment.  Being at ease with the technology and providing technical support was essential to create a level of trust on the youth participants. Yiram was a great assest in order to guide the youth through the process of learning the technolgy both in a classrom setting and in the field. He also provided support and inspiration to prepare the youth for the final event which took place August 3rd. Youth took a leadership role to develop the entire event and to carry it out from start to finish, including taking other youth from the Brooklyn Public Library to geoache in Prospect Park for the first time. Yiram provided great support in preparing the youth for this final event.


In addition, Yiram was able to provide valuable documentation of the entire process. He was the person in charge of gathering media during our sessions in the classroom, and also while we were in the field. You can see many of his documentation in this link.


He has also worked on mapping the workshops for the program to the Common Core standards.