"Teamwork is what I live for"

First off I want to say thank you to all the GK fam, without them all our efforts wouldnt have been possible.Teamwork makes the Dreamwork!!. I love my team! We started off trying to come up with a game that would inform people about important issues that are occurring now globally and would lead to a change during the next election. Then a race to the white house was born. At first we werent sure how we were going to accomplish this task but we all put our heads together and figured we can do that by means of geocaching. We learned how we can get our message across by doing research, working hard, and communicating these are very crucial skills we will need in life. We set out to many different parks in our local area in search of caches. Leaving our legacy behind to where we have all traveled we placed our trackables in the caches and wished that it reached as close as possible to the white house. 






                                                               "Teamwork makes the dreamwork"