VVP Reflection!


My participation in VVP taught me some skills that will help me towards my goal of being in the medical field as either a nurse or physician assistant. Skills such as working as a group and also that everyone had to do the job as they are told. In the profession I want to pursue everyone has a responsibility and people rely on the job they do, and if they make a mistake everyone is affected. Since I want to be in the medical field a mistake can cost someone their life.


The biggest thing that I can take with me from VVP would be the information that I learned about the health effects that climate change has on people, because it effects everyone in our world. Such people dying from starvation in Africa, this caused by climate change, or people being killed from extreme weather conditions in India, and here in the United States we are having extreme heat waves. These conditions affect everyone.  


I want people to learn from the VVP video that, even if promises are not kept by world leaders, we have to take action into our own hands and make sure that changes do happen.