"Teamwork is in the air" 

My experience being a part of the Geocaching Program 

Being a part of the Geocaching Program at the Brooklyn Public Library has been a great experience. The program consist of two weeks learning about geocaching, actually geocaching, presenting problems to the world by creating games, and later presenting to people that don't know much about the topic. To start off the four topics we young adults in Global Kids Inc. thought are important to society and the upcoming 2012 Presidential Election are college tuition, gun control, legalizing marijuana, and internet censorship. To help spread the word on each topic every geocache we visited we placed a trackable. The game we created is called Race to the White House.

Researching for Trackables  


The groups pick their research topics


So before going geocaching again we split into groups of three to research a topic we would put in our travel bugs.  




My first Day Geocaching in Prospect Park 


Happy geocachers



Hello everyone, My first day geocaching was really great, but first I have to explain what geocaching is. Geocaching is an outdoor sporting activity in which the participants use a Global Positioning System (GPS) receiver or mobile device and other navigational techniques to hide and seek containers, called "geocaches" or "caches", anywhere in the world. So on our first day doing it we split into two teams and use the ipad and Magellan to track to find the geocaches. My position was leading the team with the ipad to the location and with that we found our first

geocache. But it was kind of hard for me because the places where the geocaches were located there were alot of bugs and dirt, but in the end I was happy I was able to find a geocache even though the journey was long.



With the first found geocache


My Time WIth Geocaching 

Geocaching is fun. However, you need to have patience when looking for a cache. Before going geocaching, we split into four groups and each group researched a topic that we thought should be discussed in the election in November. My group in particular researched college tuition. We basically had to find Pro's and Con's about college tuition. But once we actually went Geocaching, we had to use a megellan, a GPS device, to find the location of the caches. We also used iPads to help with the descriptions of whatever we were looking for as well as logging in that we found each cache into the Geocaching program. I personally thought that the cache were up in trees or out in the open but I was sadly mistaken. We had to go through bushes and places that you wouldn't normally walk through on a ergular visit to the park. The first two times we went out looking for the caches I freaked out because I wasnt used to being in those parts of the parks and I DO NOT have a liking for bugs or insects. ESPECIALLY SPIDERS! But yesterday I had fun because there were far less spiders in Forest Park than Prospect Park. Or maybe i jus wasnt aware of them as much as I was last week. But anyways, Geocaching is a fun and new experience for everyone to at least try.

Extra Extra Read All About It 

Research ! Gun Control was my groups topic. We explained the pros and cons of citizen carrying guns. We had to bring some history into the picture telling how our founding fathers raised us on guns. It was so important to our founding fathers they made it apart of the amendments. Even though gun sells have sky rocekted the 2nd amendent allows us to keep firearms. But these firearms are causing violence and killings nation wide. It a so so topic for me even though the bad out weights the good.

My First && Last Time On The Hunt  

My first time geocaching was tiring because I wasn't use to exploring and fighting the wild (bugs and branches). It was very hot but fun. Water is a must TRUST me its your bestfriend. I enjoyed it it reminded me of scavenger hunting. These people really have alot of time on thier hands because some of these caches have to good of an hiding place. I hate when we have looked so long for a cache and can't find it -__-. I feel disappointed and like we gave up or we just wasted time. The first thing I wanted to do when I was done geocaching was go take a shower. Your so sweaty and exhausted all you want to do is sit. One good tip is never sit or take a break while geocaching cause you will not want to get up lol. My last time geocaching was actually better than the first because it wasnt so hot ! For some reason most of these caches were hidden in walls of rock O_o. We made sure to keep all the "mugglers" out well we tried we was not low. Both of these events will never be forgotten. ^__^

RWH: Week 1 Wrap-Up 

Drawing an eventful week to a close, the group activated all of the trackables, decided on the four most important issues to be represented by the travel bugs, and finalized the mission language for each topic.  As the final activity for this week, we split up into two groups and left with the goal of placing at least two of the four selected issues (trackables) in caches across Prospect Park and Marine Park.  And that was the week it was...


COMING UP:  Next Monday looks no less busy as we explore the skills and abilities required to earn various badges before heading out to Central Park and Forest Park with the goal of placing 48 trackables across 24 caches!


Race to the White House: A Mid-Week Report! 

Hello Everyone!  My name is Yiram and I am an NYC teacher helping out with the second summer workshop: Race to the White House (RWH).  It's been a busy three days at the Brooklyn Public Library, with the RWH group hard at work on selecting, prioritizing, and researching the social issues that are at the heart of this program.  We also went geocaching, learned about trackables, and are on target to prepare and "release" our own travel bugs in Prospect Park and Marine Park.


More updates soon...


PS:  You can check out our photostream here!

RWH - Day 3

Photos from first day geocaching in Prospect Park 

Yesterday was a cool 90 degrees here in Brooklyn, a perfect day to start geocaching in Prospect Park. The youth sought out seven different caches, logging five and indentifying that the other two were missing.


You can see photos from the program here and see some of the highlights below: