My first day at work 

Today at work we went over the schedule for the next two weeks . Also we watch a couple campaigne adds for president and observe how they make they point across.then we noted the issue that they was trying to show us and put it up on the bored. The last thing we did was the debate game were you have to choose the best canadates


Geocaching is The Way To Go!!!! 

I learned that the world we live in have a great amount of issues that are not being fixed. I enjoyed the discussion we had today about these issues and I would love to take part in making this world a better place. I can't wait to see what's in store for tomorrow!! smiley




Latoya first day  

Today was a great day for me I had a wonderful time I met so many people and I was able to learn so much about the new program. Being in this program is going to allow me to have a better understanding on the new up coming election that is going to take place on November 6th. I'm so happy i was able to be apart of this program and I'm looking forward to the new things I'm about to learn it.

Race to the White House Day1 

Today was the first day of the Race to the White House program. So far it's has been a great program.Today we just went over the details of how the whole program is going to be and how the next few weeks is going to be like. I am very excited about getting out to the field and also excited about presenting GeoCashing to people.

Day 1 geocaching with the global kids fam 

Today went pretty smoothly. We were introduced to what geocaching is and what it will be like  and discussed topics that we will be debating can't wait to get started. I love learning new things and being able to share with others and that's what makes a team.




Teamwork makes the dreamwork!!!!!!







What I Learned My First Day At Work (Geocaching) 

Today at work I learned about campaigning commercials and how they try to bribe you to vote for them. They usually try to use bettering the economy and adding health care to less fortunate families. We also played a game called iCivics it was very fun and interesting.I Like the concept and how you got to see different options and view peoples different points of view. I know Im using "and" a lot but anyways lol. I think I'm going to enjoy this. Even though I didn't think it was going to be interesting at first. Before I forget my 4 main topics that I think is important is school,economy,violence, and jobs


Today we all talked about different problems throughout the world and watched videos about different campaigan ads and we compared each video from each other. Then we played a game called iCivics which allowed us to be a audience to two campaigain runners and listen to their points and then choose who had better points.

Starting Line 

I am involved in MIP and from that program, I am involved with Global Kids. During my first session, we discussed important issues we always face. I enjoyed the discussion and decided that I will take initiative to spread the word on these issues. Good start for a first day.

Geocaching day 1 

Today was the first day of the geocaching project. So far it has been a good experience.  We know that our geocaching game will be about issues that will affect the presidential election. In the afternoon we watched past presidential campaign ads and were able to figure out what problems someone were facing during that time. It also allowed us to figure out what were the issues that the candidates said they would work on. Now that I have a better idea of what geocaching is, I am excited to get started.

First Day Of GeoCaching 

GoodDay Everyone , Today is My first day of Geo caching an I'm excited to do new things this week.Today we talked about the meaning of Geocaching and how this game is played.Geocaching is a human scavenger hunt. An I can't wait to get started