Seward Park

Global Kids and Hive at Grantmakers for Learning 2012 Conference 

GK Leader Brianna setting up our board.


Global Kids presented their Hive projects at the 2012 Grantmakers for Learning Conference Reception. GK Leader Brianna discussed her experience in the summer program Race to the White House which through the Hive Learning Network was in partnership with the Brooklyn Public Library.


Brianna rocking her Hive t-shirt at the Global Kids table.


Brianna explained what geocaching was and their process of coming up with difference electorial issues to highlight within the game. She also encouraged the Grantmakers to experience a mini-scavenger hunt during the reception and gave sticker prizes to those who completed the task. 


Myself and Brianna setting up the table.

(Photo credit: @_technovation_)


NYC Haunts at Seward Park - Play Testing! 

Queena and Cindy guide us through the investigation.

It's appropriate that on the eve of International Women's Day these young ladies toured the streets of Seward Park with iPads in hand testing the mobile game they designed on women's labor rights. Youth leaders Cindy and Queena along with Global Kids staff member Joliz Cedeño and librarian Johanna Lewis spent yesterday ensuring that the game - tentatively titled "Ghost and Found" - not only highlighted some of the interesting sights in the neighborhood but explored the history of the area through its characters. The narrative follows the detective on the hunt for a missing girl. Through his investigation he learns about the issues immigrant women faced finding safe working conditions in the early 1900s.

NYC Haunts at Seward Park - The Story Unfolds 


This week the youth continued their research of the neighborhood and built upon the plans that had been formulated the week before. Author Nina Malkin paid a visit to help guide the young leaders in connecting their ideas to a coherent storyline that fit the NYC Haunts canon. Without giving their entire story away, the issues that were highlighted were labor rights and particularly the struggles faced by young immigrant women in search of employment. A much darker tale than its predecessor in the Bronx, we can't wait to see what our Ghost Detective learns about their past in Seward Park!

NYC Haunts at Seward Park Library - Researching the Neighborhood 


Youth at the Seward Park New York Public Library branch agree on one thing - their neighborhood is delicious. The eclectic food options available in the area is in direct correlation to the rich history of immigration to the Lower East Side. While the storyline they will be developing for their game is still in its infancy, they are interested in having players learn about local history while showcasing the diversity of food in their neighborhood. The young leaders spent the session researching historical events that occurred in their neighborhood.

Global Kids NYC Haunts at Seward Park Library - Day 2 

Students at the Seward Park library began the process of learning game mechanics by testing several types of card and board games. Using Story Cubes and Once Upon A Time, students were able to discuss the importance of a coherent story and more importantly, working collaboratively towards a narrative. It was emphasized that they should begin seeing themselves as working as a team and to allow their ideas to develop and grow with the help of the other students. We then followed up with a game of Clue and discussed the benefits and disadvantages of complex gaming. The prior games depended on the players to create the narrative while Clue had one already built in. Students saw how a storyline works within gameplay and how can clues be effectively used to solve a mystery. We're excited to see how these skills will be applied to the ARIS based mystery game the students will create.

Global Kids NYC Haunts at Seward Park Library - Day 1 

pickle-guys-exterior.jpgIt was an energetic start to the NYC Haunts program at the Seward Park branch of the New York Public Library. A group of 8th grade students from the area came in to learn about the basics of the program and how it has progressed since its premier this past spring. Students were excited to learn they were a part of a growing serialized project and were already excitedly coming up with suggestions and locations to incorporate before even being introduced to the technology. We watched the video created by the New York Public Library of the students from MS 391 testing out their creation which gave the students a bit more context as to how a scavenger hunt using mobile devices would work.