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[media] When a Google Search Leads to the IJC 

Though the International Justice Center [IJC] has been running for over a year, it is always nice when someone new comes across this great arena. A blogger recently posted about the IJC, after finding out about the Center via a Google search. The blog describes the IJC and the work that Global Kids is doing there.

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[VVP] Discovered Recognition 


After the premiere of the VVP machinima, Discovered, there has been several groups and individuals who have posted about the movie. We here at OLP wanted to take a moment and thank them for their words and recognition! Read below for what each group/individual had to say:



Thanks again for all the support!

[VVP] spotlights the Discovered movie 

Amanda Kloer writing for recently wrote up a spontlight on the latest VVP machinima movie release of Discovered for the "End Human Trafficking" section of their site.

You can read the post below or directly on here.


[In the Media] GK Youth Leader Nafiza Featured on Edutopia Online 

GK's own youth leader Nafiza was chosen to be part of Edutopia's online Youth Portraits series, in which they feature the digital worlds of various teens.

Digital Youth Portrait: Nafiza

[P4K] Global Kids' Tempest In Crescent City in Christian Science Monitor 


A recent article in the Christian Science Monitor focuses on video games that let you play with topics taken from the news around us. It spotlights Tempest In Crescent City as an example.

Another featured news game, “Hurricane Katrina: Tempest in Crescent City,” developed by Global Kids and Gamepill, focuses on how residents and the government coped after the 2005 storm hit. Players walk through New Orleans after the hurricane, communicating with neighbors and reporters to find a family member.

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[media] Two New Reports on Transforming Educational Strategies 

There have been two really great reports released recently, one by The Joan Ganz Cooney Center and the other by the Asia Society. Both focus on implementing global and digital literacy into the educational strategies.

Picture 1

[SL] GK Leader organizing TSL Relay for Life events 

A recent entry from Arwyn Quandry on the blog Transmissions from TSL, focuses on TSL Relay for Life and mentions Global Kids donating the sim for this and all the wonderful organizational efforts by the teen Lucky Figtree who has been working with GK for the past few years.

The mastermind behind this whole event is the talented Lucky Figtree, a longtime GK helper and teen activist who has been running TG RFL events for the past three years. She also speaks at conferences both in-world and first life with Global Kids. On the Relay for Life, she said, “With Relay for Life on the Teen Grid, I hope to give teens all the opportunity in the world to make a difference. Too often the teen grid is regarded as a waste of time and space, and I want to change that and show the teens just how much good they can do when they come together. Our plan is to educate and train in hopes that when it’s time for these teens to transfer, they’ll take part in the main grid relay and continue to celebrate, remember and fight back.” Lucky will transfer on August 23rd, 2009.

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[P4K] Ayiti in the classroom 

A recent post by the Techbrarian gives an example of how this teacher is using Ayiti in their class room.

In Haiti only about half of the children receive an education and only two percent finish high school. Without a proper education, the poor stay poor in Haiti (and many countries like this.) While education is the key to rising out of poverty, many parents are not able to send their kids to school. Why not? Play the game below to find out.

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[media] (o.o) Festival: NYC Digital Youth Media & Technology 

The (o.o) Festival: First Annual NYC Digital Youth Media & Technology Festival will be this Saturday, June 27, 2009, at The New School, NYC.

We are so thrilled that this event by an incredible coalition has come together to support youth through NYC in our various after school programs. Global Kids has youth showing their VVP year end videos, youth from the Media Masters program showing their digital transcripts, youth from HRAP at South Shore showing their documentary about their school phasing out, and youth from our Expressions program showing the variety of digital media they created about social and global issues.

In addition, youth from the three NY Public Library sites implementing our Playing 4 Keeps game design program will be competing for the best serious game design and we can't wait to see what the youth have created.

The full press release is after the jump.

Press Release

For Immediate Release

Gaming for a Better World: Teens Advance Social Causes Using Digital Media

The (o.o) Festival: First Annual NYC Digital Youth Media & Technology Festival at The New School Saturday, June 27, 2009

[In the media] Games for Change conference comes of age. 

In a recent article, Gamasutra covers the Games For Change conference cofounded six years ago by Global Kids, as having finally come of age.

"When we started Games For Change, we were coming together based on personal experiences," G4C co-founder and president Suzanne Seggerman tells Gamasutra.

Seggerman and colleagues like GlobalKids' Barry Joseph and current MacArthur Foundation Digital Media and Learning program director Ben Stokes "had all been convinced that games had this powerful potential," she says. "It was basically a huge collective hunch."

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