In the Media

[HMDS] Terra Nova mentions HM blog 

Edward Castranova of the Terra Nova blog writes about the Holy Meatballs blog in his June 1, 2006 entry entitled Global Kids Present: Holy Meatballs!.

He writes:

"They offer the world an invaluable insider's report on how you build education in digital 3D."

[SL] SecondCast Spotlights Global Kids 

The lastest podcast, Episode 21, from the Second Life focused site features Barry Joseph speaking about Global Kids, it's mission and Barry's work and experiences within the SL Teen Grid.

Some of the episode highlights included:

  • The development of and activites happening on Global Kids island
  • The Digital Media Essay contest and awards ceremony
  • The sense of ownership and creativity that exists within the SL Teen grid
  • The Teen Grid 'Wall of Shame'
  • Why dancing in SL is fun

Also included talk on the upcoming Global Kids program that will be working with the Council on Foreign Relations, which will have a Teen SL group working on foreign policy related issues.

Download or listen to the entire podcast.

[SL] GK Wins Award at Reinventing Public Diplomacy through Games Competition 

Global Kids' work in Second Life was recently honored at a recent event by the USC Center on Public Diplomacy, earning us a nifty statuette.

Watch our presentation here or read more here

[SL] Teen Publication Covers DMEC Awards 

The Second Life Teen-grid produced version of the Metaverse Messenger carried an article in their March 30th issue, entitled "Digital Kids Holds Mixed Reality Awards Show." Within the issue they also republished three of the winning essays written by Second Life teen residents.

To view the pdf of this, click here.

[SL] Metaverse Messenger Article about Global Kids 

The March 28th edition of the Second Life themed publication Metaverse Messenger features an article entitled Global Kids - a Non-Profit Grows in Second Life.

[SL] Blog Report by a GK Island Builder 

Ian, one of the members of the Magicians, posted a blog entry describing his experience building the island, specifically the essay contest portion.

He also includes some great photos, with captions. Below is my favorite.

Global Kids and the Electric Sheep Company ran a "mixed reality" event for the awards ceremony. In-world, the event happened at this stage built by Kim Anubis on Global Kids Island, where you could see the real-world awards ceremony in New York on the screen behind the stage. Similarly, a screen on the stage in New York showed the ceremony in Second Life. The guy you can see working the computer on the screen on the stage is piloting the avatar in the centre foreground. This felt a bit bizarre, even for Second Life.

A SL regular calling our work bizarre?!! There is no higher compliment.

[DMEC] Blog Commentary on the Essays 

Tony Walsh, of the blog Clickable Culture, quotes from a number of the winning essays and offers some critiques in his post Teen Tech Tales.