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GK Name-dropped in Recent Talk by Henry Jenkins 

Henry Jenkins' recently gave an excellent talk to parents at the USC, "Raising the Digital Generation: What Parents Need to Know About Digital Media and Learning."

He sought to "congratulate parents on their obvious success in raising a child smart enough to become part of our student body and to challenge some of their preconceptions about the forms of informal learning their offspring may have encountered in the course of their interactions with new media platforms and practices."

Check it out.

We were also delighted to watch and see Global Kids come across the screen, in this segment below:

Global Kids' games on Haiti and Hurricane Katrina were promoted by the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs as humanitarian games in their recent post, "Serious fun - how to reach young donors".

With children, youths and young adults, it is not all about money, said MSF UK’s fundraising events manager and support development officer Joanna Davies. “It’s not so much about fundraising [with youths], it’s about raising awareness… and obviously that becomes fundraising at a later date."

The New Youth City Network, and GK's role, Described in New Blog Post 

The MacArthur Foundation's Spotlight blog recently featured an excellent overview of The New Youth City Learning Network, a collaboration that Global Kids been very proud to take part in: "New Youth City Learning Network: Creating a New Vision for Out-of-School Learning."

Read all of it here or an except below:

New Youth City Learning Network Projects at World Maker Faire New York 2010  

The upcoming World Maker Faire taking place in NYC will be featuring projects of the New Youth City Learning Network that includes the involvement of Global Kids and other NYC area partner orgs.

In the News: Extending Collaborative Learning to Incarcerated Youth 

The latest issue of the Youth Media Reporter focuses on New Media & Technology and features an article on our uCreate project

Global Kids uCreate Project: Extending Collaborative Learning to Incarcerated Youth in Two Cities

What can young people learn from reflecting on their own learning experiences, from becoming equipped with the power to not just share what they know but how they came to know it? Why are these skills particularly relevant in our emerging digital age where knowing how to tap collective knowledge can be as important as spending time learning on one’s own?

Rik in Article on Teen Second Life Closure 

The Journal on Transforming Education Through Technology has published an article on the closure of Teen Second Life that opens with a quote from me:

"It's like somebody died." That's how at Rik Panganiban described the K-12 education community's reaction to the closing of Teen Grid at a recent inworld meeting between educators and other members ofNonprofit Commons in Second Life. "It's a horrible tragedy that I wish could be avoided."

Writer Denise Harrison does a well-researched piece on the impending shuttering of the Teen Grid, what it means for educators, and what other alternatives are out there.

See the complete article here.

Coverage of our most recent Watson Fellow Intern 

We are more than proud of our latest Global Kids OLP summer intern Peter Xu. Though his internship is now over, we were delighted to read the press release from his university that spoke of Peter receiving a Watson Fellowship and interning at Global Kids.

"This summer thanks to the Jeannette K. Watson Fellowship, a program that provides on-the-job paid learning opportunities for promising New York City undergraduates, Xu is getting an opportunity to use his technological ability and serve society. Xu works in their Online Leadership Program (OLP), using digital media to design web-based curricula and educational games. He credits this experience with crystallizing his career objective to become an engineer working on green innovations, a position that combines technology with public service."

This release was even picked up by two Chinese newspapers: World Journal and Singtao. Congrats Peter on work well done!

Read the full press release here.

game development program offers opportunities youth development 

The UK Based Learning and Teaching focused site, Becta, recently published a best practices case study about Global Kids' Playing 4 Keeps program.

Recognising that games are a form of ‘youth media’ Global Kids recognised game design can be a vehicle for engaging children in addressing critical world issues. As such they have developed a number of programmes, such as Playing For Keeps (P4K), which which pairs Global Kids youth leaders with game developers to produce web-based games. The P4K programme trains urban students to think critically about game design and develop games about important world issues. These games include:

  • Ayiti: The Cost of Life - a role play game which looks at Haitian poverty (
  • Hurricane Katrina: Tempest in Crescent City – a game which looks at the effect of Hurricane Katrina
  • CONSENT! A virtual-world based game within Second Life about the history of medical racism against African American prisoners since WWII.

You can find the full case study on the Becta website.


Recommended reading, watching, listening 

The latest Recommended reading, watching, listening post is up on DMLcentral and we are sharing it by crossposting it here as well.

At the top of this month's list is an amazing music video,"Virtual Love" by Legrand. A collaboration among 20 Japanese students at Temple University in Tokyo and Philadelphia based on hip hop artist Legrand, the music video integrates a variety of social media and simple desktop applications into one seemingly seamless computer screen capture. So clever and interesting. As so much of our work at Global Kids uses digital media to connect people in different places, it is always exciting to see examples of people pushing the envelope

You can read the rest after the jump or here.

mygameIQ: distribution system for the serious games industry 

If you haven't heard the news about mygameIQ, it is a distribution platform for educational, serious and independent games.

With its roots firmly established in the Serious Games industry, Pragmatic has decided to create a distribution platform that would focus on the Serious and Educational Games markets, as well as on the burgeoning Independent Game Developers segment.

Pragmatic's insight was that the somewhat untapped and often overlooked Serious Games market, which some estimate to the value of $2 billion annually, is not being given the credit it deserves by traditional AAA gaming audience.