[RezEd] vBusiness Expo podcast series spotlights RezEd 

As part of the vBusiness podcast series, Amira Fouad of Global Kids presented at the vBusiness Expo the newly launched virtual worlds focused social network RezEd in April of 2008.

Download file here.

The Totally Wired: How Technology is Changing Kids and Learning public forum, featured panelists Henry Jenkins, Katie Salen & Howard Gardner, was held Wednesday, December 12, 2007, 5:30-7:00 pm EST, at the Brattle Theatre, 40 Brattle Street, Cambridge, MA 02138.

Hosted by the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation to celebrate the publication of the MacArthur Series on Digital Media and Learning. The panel was introduced by Jonathan Fanton, MacArthur President, and moderated by Connie Yowell, MacArthur's Director of Education.


This event was streamed live into the virtual world of Second Life on the main grid at the University of Southern California's Annenberg sim and within the teen grid on the Global Kids island. Below you can watch the video from the live event (we apologize in advance for a few microphone glitches):

[SL] SecondCast talks about Teen Grid Unification 

The lastest podcast, Episode 59, from the Second Life focused show SecondCast features interviews with TSL resident and GK Leader Lucky Figtree discussing her work with Alex Harbinger on the Teen Grid Unification Project. The interview begins at 18:50 and continues until the end of the episode. There are also some great comments posted in response to the episode.

Download the episode or listen to the entire podcast below.

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[sl] Music Video of Henry Jenkin's Visit 

On December 20, 2006, Henry Jenkins spoke and danced while attending Global Kids' UNICEF A World Fit For Children Festival, in Teen Second Life. Below is a brief overview of highlights of our hour with Henry. He had much to offer, but my personal favorite was:

    "We have to think of ways to use games not just to escape reality but to re-engage with reality. And I think that is the exciting things about the kind of work you are doing at Global Kids. It is both grounded in the virtual space and the real space. You are talking about real things, that touch real people. And you are asking people to bring what they learn here back into their own communities to make a difference. That is one of the reasons why I really believe in what Global Kids is trying to accomplish."

Mariel, a TSL resident from Mexico brought to the Festival coordinating committee through UNICEF's Voices of Youth site, introduced Henry with the following:

[podcast] Audio from the Henry Jenkin's Dance Party 

Click below to listen to a podcast of Henry Jenkin's dance party at Global Kids Island in Teen Second Life. His talk as titled, "We're not playing around here!-The pedagogical potential of computer and video games." But largely it was a giant Q & A session, with teens asking questions (and an occasional adult from the main grid getting one in as well, via AIM). Every ten minutes or so the talking stopped and everyone danced, including Henry. The audio files removes most of the dancing.

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Download the audio here.

[radio] Voice of America Covers Release of Ayiti: The Cost of Life 

The Voice of America covered the release of Ayiti: The Cost of Life in a recent radio piece.

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You can read the transcript with photos on their site.

Below is the transcript as well.


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[radio] BBC Reports on Camp GK 

They just, um, forgot to mention it was Camp GK...

"The idea of the Teen Grid is to act as a safe haven for younger users, free of the adult content that pervades much of the main space.

Through their avatars, Teen Second Life's young users can go shopping, hang out and island hop just as their grown-up counterparts do on the Adult Grid.

But community manager Claudia L'Amoreaux told me that the Teen Grid is also a place for young people to tackle serious global issues that affect them.

"They built this maze as a project on global sex trafficking," he said.

"They were interested in helping other students learn about it so they could protect kids around the world who are being taken advantage of. It's a way to share what it's like for kids who are held captive in the sex trade."

The walls of the maze are emblazoned with images and posters giving information on the problem. Being ensnared in the puzzle is meant to mirror the experience of being a child trapped in prostitution."

Read the full article here.

[dmi] MacArthur Releases Video and Brochure on New Initiative 

The MacArthur Foundation recently released both a video and a pdf to promote their new Digital Media and Learning Initiative. Both items offer an exciting overview of their work and include interviews with members of GK's Digital Media Youth Advisory, as well as video and photos from both the advisory and Global Kids work in Second Life.

Download the brochure here

[SL] Global Kids Symposium 

Barry Joseph and Rafi Santo presented on lessons learned from Camp Global Kids to an eager crowd at the NMC Campus in the main grid of Second Life. The audio was produced through a conference call into the grid while participants responded and reacted through text chat.

Listen to the audio of the presentation below or download it here.

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[dmi] The Global Kids Experience 

Below is a video about Global Kids, which includes a segment on our Online Leadership Programs.