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Games-Based Education Training this Wednesday 3.3.10! 

This Wednesday there will be a second Games-Based Education training! There are only a few spots left, so hurry and register!

A description of the training can be found below:
Since 2002, Global Kids has been a leader in the use of online games to promote global awareness, engaged citizenship, and 21st-Century learning skills. In this training, educators will play games they can use with their youth, create their own game designs, be introduced to free, web-based tools to support students to design their own games, and understand how game play and design can lead to deep learning.

In January, Global Kids had the opportunity to give three presentations at the Jewish Day School Conference in Teaneck, New Jersey. We had a great time talking about our work with digital media, games and social networks. And apparently our participants got a lot out of it as well.

We just received the results of the post-conference evaluation, and got some nice feedback on our two sessions on "Games Based Learning 101" and "Social Media Production & Constructionist Learning." All of the participants said that they "learned something new" and all but one found our sessions to be "inspiring." Both presentations received a rating of 4.5 out of of a scale of 5!

Among the written comments about us:

  • "Loved it! great new ideas even for a participant who is already very knowledgeable about social media."
  • "Nice conversation around table shared good ideas."

For more information about Global Kids professional development offerings, see this link.

[PD] Global Kids' Spring 2010 Professional Development Offerings 

Global Kids' Center for Global Leadership proudly presents:

Spring 2010 Professional Development Offerings

  • Infusing Social Action into Your Curriculum: Darfur as a Case Study - Thursday, February 25th
  • Games-Based Education - Wednesday, March 3rd and Wednesday, May 12th
  • Transforming Youth From Social Media Consumers to Creators - Wednesday, March 17th
  • Environmental Service Learning Projects - Tuesday, March 30th
  • Creating a Safe Space I: Conflict Resolution - Wednesday, March 31st
  • Creating a Safe Space II: Cultural Diversity - Tuesday, April 6th
  • Understanding Youth in the Digital Age - Thursday, April 15th
  • Developing Global Citizens - Saturday, May 8th
  • Interactive Teaching Strategies - Tuesday, May 18th

Please see below for more info and a description of each training or for a complete list of offerings, please click here.

For more information or to register, please call: 212-226-0130 or e-mail

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Three All-day Gatherings in Four Days 

Last week I was out of the office for four full days, all consulting in one capacity or another for Global Kids. It has been an amazing journey over these past ten years working to support NYC youth while developing a broad range of expertise in the process that a wide variety of organizations now know they can call upon.

Tuesday & Wednesday - Serious Gaming at the New York Public Libraries

For the first two days, my colleague Rafi Santo and I ran a two-day long training for youth or young adult librarians from three branches of the New York City Public Library system. Over the next few months they will incorporate our Playing For Keeps program into their branches, a 20-session program to support their youth to identify as global citizens, develop game design skills, and learn to combine the two into a prototype for a serious game design. The final designs will be presented in a competition format at our annual collaboration with area youth media and technology organizations - Emoti-Con - in June at the 42nd Street branch of the NYPL. These days brought together our expertise on serious gaming and game design while supporting civic and cultural institutions to implement curriculum that was once designed exclusively for Global Kids Youth Leaders.

[conf] Three Social Media Trainings for Jewish Educators 

This past Monday, January 18, Barry Joseph and I got the opportunity to conduct three intensive trainings for Jewish educators in Teaneck, New Jersey. The occasion was the "Jewish Day School Leadership Conference" which brought together some 500 jewish educators from 300 different institutions to the Marriot in Teaneck. It was a really interesting experience and exposure to the unique educational setting of Jewish day schools.

RAVSAK ©Photograph by Robert A. Cumins

Tempest in Crescent City Game screenshot
This Friday, December 4, Global Kids is leading a Games Based Education Training for educators at our headquarters in New York City. If you are a school teacher, librarian, youth worker or other educational professional that would like to learn about our innovative approach to learning using digital games, we highly encourage you to sign up!

Since 2002, Global Kids has been a leader in the use of online games to promote global awareness, engaged citizenship, and 21st-Century learning skills. In this training, educators will learn how to use online games that directly or indirectly address core literacy and content areas, and how to use free, web-based tools to support students in designing their own games.

For more information or to register, please call: 212-226-0130 or e-mail The official announcement follows after the jump...

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Friday, December 4, 2009

Virtual World Capacity Building Program 

VWCP-logo200.jpgIn August, Global Kids graduated its first cohort of nonprofit staffers who participated in the Virtual World Capacity Building Program, a four-week introduction to virtual worlds and their applications for civic and cultural institutions. These four organizations -- the Vera Institute of Justice, the Adler Planetarium, Architreasures, and the National Writing Project -- had almost no experience with virtual worlds prior to the program, but by the end of the four-week course were able to speak cogently and insightfully about how these digital tools fit into their larger institutional missions. Over the course of the four-weeks, these staffers explored a number of different virtual worlds, created avatars for themselves, learned how to build 3d objects and bring in multimedia resources, and engaged in in-depth conversations about the strengths and challenges of working with these new media tools. (You can see a report about this first Virtual Roundtable.)

Introducing the Edge Project 

“To transform the core, start at the edge.” -- John Hagel and John Seely Brown

The Edge Project is part of Global Kids recent support from the MacArthur Foundation to expand the capacity of civic and cultural institutions to use new media as innovative educational platforms that engage youth in learning and promote youth civic participation. More specifically, the Edge Project is interested in civic and cultural institutions bringing cutting edge digital media into their youth educational programs. It is equally interested in where this type of programming - due to technology, its pedagogical implications or both - is a disruptive force challenging the educators and/or the institutional cultural to work on the edge of their comfort level. There is a balancing act they must undertake, being receptive to how new media challenges their current educational culture and practice while, in turn, challenging the educational potential of new media through interacting with that very culture and practice. At the end of the day, we want to better understand the following questions: how do institutions find their balance working on this edge and do different types of institutions respond in different ways?